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Six Reasons People Are Buying New Garden Rooms In 2021

Over the past year most people’s lifestyles have changed in some way due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and numerous lockdowns in the UK. As a result the number of people buying new garden rooms has rocketed.

So why are people lusting after new garden rooms in 2021?

They provide extra living space

No matter how much you love your family, a year cooped up within the same four walls together can be a challenge!

A garden room can provide extra living space so you don’t have to argue over who gets to watch their favourite TV programmes, or who can Zoom call their friends of an evening.

They provide distraction free work places

With homeworking suddenly becoming a reality for millions of people, it is unsurprising that 2020 saw a huge increase in demand for new garden rooms to be used as office spaces.

There are so many benefits to working from home, but if you don’t have a private space away from kids, pets and daily life activities going on then it can be a lot more difficult to get things done and be productive.

Garden rooms are the perfect solution to the problem!

They are the perfect homeschooling classroom

It’s fair to say that homeschooling has been the bane of many parents’ lives this year, but some families have truly embraced it and have decided to continue teaching their children from home.

For many of the same reasons as new garden rooms make great office spaces, they also make great classrooms; trying to teach a reluctant child within view of the TV can definitely be challenging and so a separate classroom space can take away the distractions of the house and aid concentration and learning.

new garden rooms for homeschooling

A new garden room is the perfect place to get away from it all

However you like to relax, sometimes you just crave a change of scenery.

For some, sitting with a book at the bottom of the garden is an excellent form of self care; particularly if you instruct your family not to interrupt you! Other find surrounding themselves with plants aids relaxation.

On a nice day, fling the doors open and make the most of the fresh air, or maybe try birdwatching. Whatever your hobbies, garden rooms can allow people to pursue them without interruption.

They make a great place to work out

With gyms closed for most of the year, many people have turned to home workouts. With weeks of self isolation always a possibility, sales of gym equipment such as running machines went through the roof, with the home gym a hugely desirable purchase.

Lots of people don’t feel comfortable working out in front of other members of the household; others just don’t have the space. A garden room fixes this issue!

They can give you that pub atmosphere!

Pub gardens are now open but before this week, if you fancied a drink it would have to be at home on your own sofa. For those craving the pub atmosphere, a home bar or dedicated wine room in the garden makes a great alternative; it’s cheaper than a real pub and it’s not far to stumble home afterwards!

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