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Enjoy Your Garden Building With a New Shed Interior

Decorating the interior of your garden room gives you an opportunity to really make it yours, however that looks. Your new shed interior can reflect your personality, as well as being a useful space. It’s good to decide in advance what look you want to go for so that you can set a colour palate and choose the right furniture to complement your theme.

Here are some ideas for your new shed interior.

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Embrace farmhouse chic

The classic summerhouse style, going for farmhouse chic for your new shed interior means wood and lots of it to create the ultimate rustic space.

Perfect for a feminine ‘she shed’, adding vases with flowers – real or convincing fake – with large, pastel blooms and accents of lace and other fabric, and perhaps a pastel coloured rug, will help to create the warm and homely look you’re going for.

Scandi style minimalism

Not everyone enjoys the ‘cluttered’ farmhouse look. For those that prefer minimalism with its clean lines and muted palate, a Scandi style shed interior could be perfect.

Although in keeping with the theme, classic white and chrome furniture and accessories can look a little stark, so mix it up with mood lighting and potted plants to add a little warmth to your new shed interior.

Be bold

No love for the monochrome or minimalist look? Want something more daring? Why not go for something bright and colourful for your new shed interior.

By going with a bright, colourful style the only rule is that there are no rules. Furnishings are free to clash and mismatched cushions, rugs and prints will create a happy, joyful space into which you can put whatever new items your heart desires!

Seaside vibes

If you have always wanted to live near the sea then a beach hut style shed interior could be a winner!

Paint the outside of your shed in bright colours – just like a real beach hut – and then decorate inside with bunting and seaside style accessories to keep the theme going. Use nautical fabrics to cover chairs and cushions.

Relaxation station

Sitting in a comfy chair with a good book and a glass of wine, lying back on a big sofa with soothing music playing, or even having a massage; whatever relaxation mean to you, bring it into your new shed interior.

Add a bookcase or two, a coffee machine or a fridge so that your favourite things are always to hand. Cosy furnishings, fairy lights and music can all add to the ambience giving your the opportunity to truly unwind.

Into the Wilderness

Bring the outside in, with potted plants as far as the eye can see. There’s no need to worry about harsh winters when your favourite plants have somewhere out of the elements to live and thrive all year long.

Neutral coloured furnishings made from natural materials will let your plants take centre stage complement the overall nature aesthetic.

Which is your favourite look?

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