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Noisy Neighbours? Here Are Some Distraction Ideas For Your Garden

Living within close proximity to others can be both a bonus and a problem. Having a good support network, someone you can borrow a cup of sugar from, a welcome chat, help with a flat tyre are all beneficial but noisy neighbours can make being in your garden unbearable rather than tranquil. Unfortunately, noise can’t always be worked out and we do have to expect some levels of it especially during the summer months but there are some ways in which you can change your own outdoor space to make it that little more enjoyable. Take a look at our distraction ideas for your garden that will help to divert your attention from their noise and allow you to still get outside.

Water Feature

A water feature will not only create a beautiful focal point within your garden but it will also help to distract you from other unwanted noise such as noisy neighbours. The calming sounds of falling water can easily make your mind focus on other things, maybe fond memories, reflections of the day and as you watch it slowly move and change and run, you will soon be completely distracted from any neighbours’ noises.

noisy neighbours? invest in a water feature

Wind Chimes

Wooden wind chimes make a lovely tone when placed out in the garden. A gentle breeze coming over will fill your outdoor space with a sweet percussion that you can train your ears to hone in on rather than to noise coming from elsewhere. Place these around your seating area or the perimeter to surround yourself with the calming sounds.

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and types – wall, ground, handheld and so on. You should be able to find the perfect speakers for your garden and your needs and play either calming music, perhaps ocean or rainforest sounds or a favourite song on low to distract you from what others are up to and allow you to relax and kick back in your garden.

Clever Planting

To gain a little more privacy and to help with preventing sound from noisy neighbours travelling over into your garden you could try a little clever planting around the perimeter. If you have the space, why not try planting some trees to help to block the noise? If trees are a little too large, you could try adding a trellis to the top of your fences or walls and growing climbing plants such as Ivy, Clematis, Jasmine or Wisteria. This will provide just that touch more height to create a barrier for any noise. Another great choice would be to plant large grasses as these will not only provide another soundproof barrier but will also rustle in the wind which will provide relaxing sounds for you whilst sitting outside.

Garden Room

A garden room is a fantastic addition to a garden that is subjected to noise because you can use it in several ways. You can sit inside and look out at your garden when the noise is too much – garden rooms are well soundproofed so you should be well protected. You can surround yourself with a hobby, musical instruments etc to help with distraction or you could play music from the speakers we mentioned above to help to drown out the unwanted noise.

Noisy neighbours shouldn’t mean that your garden goes unused and unloved, it is just the case of working out how you can make these tips work for you and allow you to enjoy it all year round.

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