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Industrial style for your office cabin

Modern Neutral Interior Styles for Your Office Cabin

Your office cabin might feel like a drab place to work without a cohesive interior theme. Although a functional room consisting of a desk and chair gets the job done, it can be a bit boring to look at.

Spice up your office cabin by finding an interior style to suit you. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, and might be more bout accessorising what you’ve got instead than replacing items. 

Neutral Interior Styles for Your Office Cabin

Deciding on an interior design can be a really fun project. It helps to have an idea of budget before you start, so you’re not stuck in a half-finished limbo while you wait for more fund. Planning is also a huge factor (and often a big part of the fun!)

If helps to flick through interiors magazines and have a browse on Pinterest for inspiration. Familiarising yourself with each type of style makes it easier to spot key pieces to add to your office cabin. It also help you discard options that aren’t your style early on in the selection process.

Below are some interior styles that are popular right now.

Minimalism is perfect for a small office cabin

If you work in a small space, minimalism is definitely your friend. The whole point is to avoid clutter and things you don’t need. After all, the whole idea is based on keeping your possessions to a minimum (hence the name).

To nail the minimalist look, clutter-free spaces and lots of white are essential. This interior style would be perfect for a smaller office cabin as it creates the illusion of space when there isn’t necessarily much!

Aim for ultra-clean lines and to keep it clutter-free at all times. You might not need any new furniture, but painting what you’ve got could be an option. Monochrome is big in minimalism, so a black desk against while walls could be a quick way to create this look. Finish it off by hanging monochrome or geometric art prints on your wall.

minimalist office cabin

An industrial office gives an urban feel

Industrial interiors aim for a raw and unfinished feel. Bare brick walls and visible beams are dominant design choices for this style. 

Trendy start-ups tend to have an industrial look. It’s easy to achieve because things are meant to look a little raw and rugged. It’s also a cheap way of making your workspace look well designed, without making expensive changes.

This is another neutral way to decorate, with light colours paired with basic-looking wood and metal. Bare bulbs and bare wood help tie this theme together so keep that in mind when you’re buying a desk and lamps.

Transitional style pairs both vintage and modern

Why be forced to choose between vintage and modern when you can have both? A transitional interior balances out modern design styles by borrowing the elegance of the past. 

Where minimalism can appear sparse and hard, transitional interiors add texture and plush furnishings. A neutral backdrop can be a beautiful way to make vintage-style additions pop. A hint of warm metallic and jewel tones are the perfect way to tie the past and the present.

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