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Garden Room Furniture Ideas

Office Sheds Are a Versatile Option for a Garden Room

Office sheds don’t need to be used for all work and no play. In fact, they can be used for anything you like – making them a great option for a garden room!

Other garden outbuildings can be quite restrictive. Traditional garages and sheds tend to be low on natural light and cold during the winter months. In contrast, old-style wooden summer houses let in lots of light, but are known for having only a small amount of floor space. 

Office sheds, on the other hand, allow for a lot more space. They are usually insulated, heated and have a power supply, meaning they can be used all year round (even if you have no plans to actually work in them). The beauty of having an office shed built, is that it doesn’t have to be used as an office at all!

Why Office Sheds are a Versatile Garden Room Option

Garden rooms are great for creating extra space on your property. They provide somewhere to hole away for peace and quiet and are particularly handy for anyone who works from home in any capacity. Office sheds are a fantastic addition to any property, and can be used for a number of other functions when you clock off.

They Make Great Gaming Rooms

Office sheds gaming

When your garden office isn’t being used for work, turn it into a gaming room for ultimate relaxation. Try setting up the gaming PC in your garden office, so it can double up as a work PC during the day. When it’s time to log off from your work, you can log on to your gaming account and connect with your friends.

It’s really handy to have your gaming room and office combined. It gives you freedom to chat on your gaming headset all hours of the day or night, without disturbing your household. If you have more than one games console, you might want to set it up in the garden office too. That way, all your gaming equipment is in one secure place.

Office Sheds Can Double Up as Outdoor Sitting Rooms

These days, all it takes to set up an office is a laptop and somewhere to sit. What makes it an office is the promise of a quiet room with no interruptions. As long as you can get your work done undisturbed, then it’s a room that can work as an office.

Invest in some comfy seating, and a smart TV. That way, when the work is done, you can watch your favourite streaming service with your friends and family. Just don’t be tempted to get too comfy with those box sets when you should be working!

They Can Also Work as a Hobby Room

Hobby rooms are having their day at the moment. People are turning their back on technology, and going for more traditional pastimes. Painting, sewing, knitting and woodwork are all popular choices right now. They allow you to switch off from the busy digital world and take things at a slower pace. 

There’s no reason these two worlds can’t collide. During the working day, technology can be taken advantage of. When it comes to the evenings and weekends, it can all be switched off, and you can immerse yourself in your non-digital hobbies.

Whatever you do for your day job, your office can be transformed into something else in the evenings.

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