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The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Garden Room Built

If you have arrived on our site because you are thinking about installing an outdoor Garden Room, welcome, come on it and let’s discuss. There are so many great reasons for making a purchase like this so let’s take a look at those benefits right now…

Additional Family Living Space

If you are looking to add more space to your home and don’t want the disruption that an extension build can bring then an outdoor modern garden room is a great option. Not only will this provide you with another room to your home that will help to improve your home living balance but it will also give you the opportunity to create a space that will work for you and your family in whatever way you need…

Multi-Functional Outdoor Garden Room

A garden room can be anything from a cinema room to a playroom, a games room or dining room, a reading nook or a home spa, an art studio or a place to workout. Honestly, the list could go on and on (check out our other blogs for plenty of inspiration). And, over the years, the space can of course be adapted and changed up to alter as your family needs do.

Work From Home Opportunities

One of the most popular options of use for an outdoor modern garden room is a home office. With the rise in businesses seeing the benefits of working from home rather than commuting many people now need that dedicated work area in order to keep their work and home life separated and a garden room makes the perfect solution. Another reason we have seen an increase in our rooms being used for work is due to the increase in new small businesses cropping up. With self-employment coming from redundancies, business closures from Covid days, people wanting a better work/life balance and to have the flexibility for their kids, creating a business from scratch has some real benefits and being able to quickly and easily build a garden room in which to work from just adds to that.

Quick Installation

As we mentioned above, a house extension can really disrupt the entire household and it will also take far longer to install than an outdoor garden room. Our builds can take just 2 weeks to complete which won’t ever impose on you. This means you can get in and start using your new room nice and quickly.

Adds Values

An outdoor garden room can easily add around 5-7% to the overall price of your current home which is a real benefit if you ever come to remortgage or move.

Year Round Use

Our garden rooms come with electricity, heating and insulation as standard which means you can use them all year round without ever feeling the cold. We build to a high spec using the best materials we can source and we will always discuss all of your needs at the time of planning and design. Your garden room is built to stand the test of time and all weathers.

If you’d like to talk to us about the possibility of building your own outdoor garden room then please do get in touch today.

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