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Turn Your Home Office Buildings Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

Turn Your Garden Room Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

If you’re missing yoga, then why not DIY your own outdoor home yoga studio?

Yoga is a brilliant hobby for both your body and mind, encouraging fitness and muscle strength as well as calm and relaxation. With all gyms and yoga studios being closed right now, many people will be thinking about doing yoga at home; there are dozens of YouTube videos which can show you how.

However one of the most important aspects of yoga is being able to relax in a calming and serene environment and it’s not very easy to do if you don’t have a dedicated space; particularly if your family might enter the room at any moment. If you have a little-used garden room, then now might be the time to convert it into an outdoor yoga studio!

How to DIY the perfect home yoga studio

1) Declutter

If you are familiar with a yoga studio, you’ve probably noticed that they are sparse, and calming. Clutter just will not do, so remove anything from the space that doesn’t need to be there. Move or rehome items, and get a big bin bag and throw out items that are broken or unusable.

2) Consider your lighting

The best thing about having a home yoga studio in the garden is all the natural light, but if you plan on using your outdoor yoga studio in the evening or then you will need lighting.

If your garden room comes with standard lighting it is likely to be harsh and unsuitable; lamps are a good alternative to make a softer and more calming atmosphere.

Turn Your Garden Room Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

3) Choose soft, muted colours

If you have time to repaint then using muted, neutral colours on the walls will make for a much more relaxing atmosphere. If you can’t paint, then large neutral artworks or tapestries are a good alternative.

4) Open up the doors

The great thing about an outdoor yoga studio is that on a sunny day, you can open the doors wide and really ground yourself with nature all around you.

5) Add plants

If it isn’t warm enough to get outside or have the doors open, then plants are a great addition to your home yoga studio, bringing the outdoors and nature inside; this can be really grounding and help meditation.

6) Choose your furniture wisely

A bare room might suit you, but at the very least you will need somewhere to store your equipment; mats, blocks, towels, pillows. An old trunk if you can find one might be the perfect investment. Anything too modern might break the ‘zen’.

7) Accessorise

Every home yoga studio needs a Buddha statue, and you can usually find them on sale at TK Maxx. Anything natural, like plants or seashells, are a great addition to your yoga space. Make sure you invest in a good speaker which will play relaxing music.

8) Use scent

Scented candles or incense are obvious suggestions but be very careful; you’re in a wooden structure and safety is your first priority.

Wax melts can provide a lovely scent and with a warmer are much safer than candles as there is no flame. Choose calming scents like eucalyptus or lavender to help you relax and aid meditation.

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