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Outdoor Offices Provide a Solution to Space

Are Outdoor Offices Likely to Come as Standard in Homes of the Future?

Home design is rapidly changing to keep up with a modern lifestyle. Outdoor offices are already a popular addition to a property, but will they become standard in homes of the future?

In the past few months, working from home has become more common than ever. It’s not just entrepreneurs and jetsetters who work from home. It turns out most people’s jobs were suitable for remote working all along. 

With the recent changes in how (and where) people do there jobs, there’s some talk about the future of communal offices in general. The idea of “going to the office” seems antiquated in this age of advanced technology and communication. 

If you can do your job from home, then why shouldn’t you? It’ll save the environment by creating less CO2 emissions caused by commuters. It also makes employees salaries stretch further when they no longer have to pay hundred each month to travel.

Reasons Outdoor Offices May Become a Standard Part of a Home

Experts say that working remotely could become standard, while the traditional office set-up dies out. If you’re emailing colleagues on the other side of the office anyway, they might as well be on the other side of the city – or in a different city altogether!

Below are some reasons why outdoor offices may become the standard workplace in homes of the future.

Outdoor Offices Provide a Solution to Space

Working from home unexpectedly can be problematic. In the past decade or so, newbuild houses have been designed for what was considered to be modern living. Traditional homes would have a separate lounge, kitchen and dining room.

As meals became less formal, and open-plan living became more popular, houses were built with only two rooms downstairs – a kitchen-diner and a large lounge. This means that working from a family home could leave you in the centre of any child-induced chaos. The lack of second reception room means there’s nowhere to grab some peace and quiet.

Outdoor offices provide a solution to working from an open-plan home. Shut off from the world (and the rest of the family) they allow you get on with your work without distraction. A surge in demand for garden offices could mean they are built as standard with the house.

Outdoor Offices Provide a Solution to Space

A Garden Room Has Many Uses

An office isn’t the only use of a garden room. If you were to buy a home with a garden office, but your job couldn’t be done from your property you could kit the room out as an extra lounge. As garden offices have heating, power and WiFi access, there’s no limit to what they could be used for.

If an extra sitting room isn’t you thing, consider setting up a home gym or garden bar instead. An outdoor room has no reason to sit unused – even if you won’t be working from home.

It May Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

If we end up living in a world where most people work from home, the average worker may have difficulty switching off at the end of their working day. It’s been suggested that if you live and work in the same space, it becomes difficult to set boundaries to where your work day begins and ends. 

If you can physically place yourself in a different space to work than you do to relax, it can reduce your stress levels and improve your ability to sleep. By creating a physical distance from your workspace, you can in turn create a mental space – allowing you to switch off at the end of your working day.

It’s likely that homebuilders will recognise this over time, and create homes with outdoor offices to meet the needs of modern life. 

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