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use your outdoor room as a potting shed

4 Reasons to Use Your Outdoor Room as a Potting Shed

Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we love hearing about the wide variety of activities that our customers are planning to use their outdoor rooms for. From a home office to a music studio, a pool room to a dining room, a children’s playroom to an art room. One function we haven’t mentioned much on our blogs previously is the rise in the use of potting sheds. Gardening has always been a popular pastime but since lockdown living more and more people have turned their fingers green and are growing a lot more of their own fruit and vegetables from home. This is such a rewarding way to garden but it can certainly take up space, time for planning and seed growing. Building an outdoor room to use as a potting shed is a great solution for all of your growing needs and here is why…

More Than a Greenhouse

When you think about growing your own your first thoughts usually go to a greenhouse. Yes, a greenhouse does a fantastic job and is essential for most veg growers but what if you could have this and a little bit more?! An outdoor room is made from premium wood, has insulation, a roof, windows, doors, decent flooring as well as heat and electricity. All of which will help to promote plant growth whilst being comfortable for yourself. On top of this, you will have extra space for planning, storing items, organising your seeds and so on. Choosing a potting shed almost seems like a no-brainer as it provides you with a multi-purpose building that you can use to its full potential.

Getting Out Of The Cold

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of using your outdoor room as a potting shed is to get you out of the cold and into a place that is nice and warm to work from. As mentioned above, an outdoor room is fully insulated, has heating and electricity and can even have a toilet installed which will make it a wonderful place to tend to your plants, cuttings and seeds no matter what the weather is doing outside. No more wrapping up in thermals, fiddling with gloves or struggling to stay warm as you carry out all of your essential jobs. You can happily work whilst having a cup of tea and be lovely and toasty.

use your outdoor room as a potting shed


Not only can this be a potting shed but it can also be a place to rest from a hard day’s work, you can sit back and look at your beautiful garden on a sunny day and you can create a work spot from which you can draw out plans, write notes and organise all of your garden ideas. An outdoor room is much larger than a conventional shed which means you can have a multi-functional room that will cater to all of your needs.


The joy of an outdoor room is that the use of it can change as and when you require. If you initially need a potting shed but later want to work from home, this can be easily achieved which a few quick changes whereas you couldn’t ever do this with a regular shed or greenhouse. An outdoor room is an investment and will adapt and change with you as your life alters.

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