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Garden Room Ideas

Bring The Outside In With These Garden Room Ideas

When it comes to tying your garden room in perfectly with your garden, the most effective and beautiful way of doing this is by bringing the outside in. Basing your interior design on the inspiration that is already around you will give you a seamless connection between these two spaces and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor look even when sat inside. Here are our garden room ideas to help you to bring the outside in.

Earthy Tones

By using soft, earthy tones on your walls, on tiling and in your soft furnishings you can bring the feeling of outside into your garden room. Think shades like light, soft brown, terracotta, greens, creams and greys that will all complement one another and give you a warm, pastel glow.


Bringing more light into your garden room will not only help with opening the space up but it will also allow for outdoor plants and trees to feel even closer.

Large bi-folding doors often come as standard with modern garden rooms which gives you the perfect opportunity to open up your building to feel at one with the garden. Another idea is to install a skylight which will allow sunlight to flood through as well as giving you a wonderful view of any overhanging trees. 


When thinking about which plants to include as part of your interiors styling, take into account what you already have outside in the garden.

Can you bring some of those varieties in? Can you find indoor plants in similar colours?

Think about adding window boxes and planting large flowers or plants that can be easily seen through the window, adding to the feeling of the outdoors coming in. You could also do this just outside of your bi-folding doors so on opening them, you will be greeted by gorgeous flowers. Other ideas for your garden room include using a variety of sized pots as these will give you height, you will be able to arrange them to create an attractive entrance and you can choose to move them around as often as you like.

Garden room ideas - plants

Inspired By Nature

It isn’t surprising that nature inside the home is a very Hygge way of living. Not only does it give your indoor space more of an interesting focus, it is calming, it brings a warm atmosphere and is a great way of staying connected with the outside whilst being inside. Achieving this style inside your garden room is very simple; you can just go on a woodland walk and bring back any treasures you may find. Twigs, leaves, fir cones, wood, nuts and so on can all be used as decorative pieces around your interior space. Another way of adding nature into your look is by looking for soft furnishings with prints such as leaves, flowers, feathers, water etc.

Utilise Old Garden Tools

Do you have an old watering can that now leaks? Perhaps you have some tools which have seen better days? Maybe you have some pots that you can’t find a place for outside? All of these items can be repurposed, they could be spruced up or upcycled to give your garden room a quirky, yet vintage look. By placing outside items around the room you will soon have your outside look indoors.

Choose Wood

Wherever you can, choose wood as the choice of material inside your garden room. From real oak floors to wooden worktops, real wood furniture, handmade driftwood mirrors, pallet planters, large vintage wooden lamps, you can really bring the outside in just by carefully selecting the pieces you use to furnish your room. 

No matter how big or small your garden is, you can always draw inspiration from it to create an outside interior that you will love. 

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