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5 Practical Uses for the Outside Rooms on Your Property

Outside rooms on your property can be a real boon. Not only do they create space inside your home by allowing you to spread out into the garden, they also provide a change of scenery without you having leave your property. 

If you’re thinking of having a garden room built, or you already have unused outside rooms then it’s time to think about how you’d use them. 

5 Practical Uses for the Outside Rooms on Your Property

There are so many things outside rooms can be used tor that you might need to narrow down your list. These five practical uses for outside rooms bring you sensible ideas for how you can use your outside room. 

Below are the most popular ways garden rooms are used.

1. Outside Rooms Make Great Crafting Rooms

crafting outside rooms

It’s no secret that crafters generally have a buying problem. Investing in craft supplies is pretty addictive and soon enough you need somewhere to store everything. This is why crafting rooms are a thing. Having your own space to craft and store your supplies is an enviable position to be in. Facebook crafting groups are flooding with pictures of a craft space – usually a repurposed bedroom. By having an outdoor crafting room, it frees up a room within your house, but still keeps your supplies safely in one place!

2. Create an Outdoor Gaming Space

Gaming rooms are incredibly popular. Although you might think gaming itself doesn’t take up much space, there are other things to consider. Certain games need a headset so you can chat to your friends and direct your teammates. Investing in a special gaming chair might also be a good idea for your back if you’re likely to spend a lot of time on the console. Having a gaming room means you can spread out, kick back and chat on your headset without interruption.

3. Make a Man Cave

Sometimes, the man (or men) of the house just need to escape. If the main house is overrun with kids and their toys, it might leave dad feeling like there’s not space for him. Outdoor rooms make fantastic man caves because they’re detached from the main house, without being isolated. 

Cedar clad man cave, sat at the bottom of a garden. 1.5m french doors are fit central on the building with two windows sat either side keeping the building looking symmetrical and stylish.

4. Set up a She Shed

Rather than giving dad an outside space, maybe mum will benefit instead. Running the family home is a full-time job – even when it’s shared between two parents. If your partner has commandeered the lounge TV (or acquired the spare bedroom for themselves) then a she shed might be just what you need.

5. Work in a Garden Office

Working from home doesn’t need to mean surfing through a sea of socks to get to the computer in the spare bedroom. An outdoor office means you get to skip working from the spare bedroom, surrounded by junk and unfolded laundry, and allows you to have your own dedicated workspace. Outside rooms are usually quiet and secure. A lockable room without disruptions is the perfect place to work. What’s even better is that there’s no commute. A professional office with no travel time is a dream come true for anyone with a home business.

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