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4 Ways To Style Your Garden Room This Christmas

Outside Rooms Make Wonderful Festive Grottos!

Lots of home have outside rooms that they only use for one thing. A summer house that is only used in the warm weather. An office for occasional work-from-home days. Whatever the room’s main use, it shouldn’t mean it’s limited to one thing.

Lesser-used outdoor rooms are the perfect setting for seasonal celebrations. A favourite transformation is around Christmas, when homes across the land transform their outdoor rooms into grottos.

A garden grotto is a must-have for any fans of the festive period. They’re easy to create and can really help you get into the Christmas spirit. The children of the family will love to spend time in there, and if you’ve got no children at home, you can always crank up the carols and wrap your prezzies in a festive paradise.

Outside Rooms as Festive Grottos – Transform Your Garden with These Great Tips!

Outside rooms are pretty simple to kit out as grottos. You don’t have to spend the earth to create a Christmas-themed space.

Below are some fantastic tips for giving your garden space the makeover of every Christmas-lover’s dreams.

Get the right colours for turning outside rooms into grottos

Christmas is often associated with red, white and gold. Although these are the tradition shades, you can still achieve a festive theme with a different colour scheme. The best way to ensure your grotto looks festive (rather than like a rainbow has been laid to rest) is to stick to three dominant colours. If red, green and gold aren’t your thing, consider purple, white and silver. Take to Pinterest to research which colour scheme appeals the most.

Outside Rooms Make Wonderful Festive Grottos!

Twinkly lights are essential

Bright lighting is a grotto must-have. To keep things magical, put up some twinkling fair lights – there’s nothing more magical than fairies (well, perhaps maybe Santa himself). ‘Warm white’ are the best shade of lighting for a traditional look, but your colour scheme might demand a cooler hue. 

A light curtain can provide a magical backdrop, and be used for many different occasions. 

Head to the local bargain store

Bargain shops love Christmas. They manufacture cheap ornaments and decorations especially for everyone’s favourite time of year! Thinks like blankets made to look like snow, decorative stockings and glittery snow globes are perfect ways to accessorise on the cheap. Do the environment a favour and hang on to your decorations for future grotto making.

Encourage Santa to make an appearance

Rumour has it, Santa responds well to a plate of cookies and his favourite tipple. If you can get your hands on a Santa suit, bribe a friendly relative to don it by luring them with their favourite drinks and snacks. It’ll create some gorgeous memories for any little children in the family and his visit will make your grotto look even more spectacular. Remember to take plenty of photos to look back on.

Pave the way

Creating a grotto in your garden doesn’t have to stop at the outdoor room. You can create a magical path to lead the way. A festive wooden sign and light up lawn ornaments can guide the way to your garden grotto.

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