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Furnishing a Summer House

7 Painted Summer House Ideas For Your Garden Building

You have your dream summer house but you’re feeling like it’s missing something. It’s a bit lacklustre and you want to brighten it up and personalise it but what do you go for? Here are 7 painted summer house ideas:

Country Cottage

This look can be achieved with soft pastel colours and to be honest, you can go for whichever shade suits you best. Think creams, greens, off whites, light greys, baby blue, soft pink or warm yellow. To really make your summer house stand out, paint the main woodwork in your chosen colour and then paint the window frames, the door frame and any pergolas in white. This will create a little more interest to your garden build and make your main colour ‘pop’. 

Vintage inspired painted summer house interiors

Big and Bold

If you like colour this is the summer house idea for you! Just go as big and bold as your heart desires. Bright pink? Why not?! Striking green? Yes! Sunshine yellow? It will most definitely make you smile! Honestly, just go all out and you could even choose to paint each wall a different shade, do the inside bright too, have a different coloured door and frames or what about a brightly tiled roof? And if you are truly bold, perhaps you will have the courage to even clash those colours too?!


To achieve your vintage painted summer house you will want soft tones, ones that will immediately make you feel calm and relaxed, colours that will draw you in and ones that will complement each other beautifully. Paint shades of pastel greens, soft creams, light greys, taupe and perhaps even a dark turquoise will all create a stunning vintage look. The key here is to not overdo anything, everything needs to tie in seamlessly, which includes the inside. Softness is key.

painted summer house

Striking Greys

If you want a painted summer house idea that will stand out in your garden then a striking grey is the colour for you. This will have to be a dark grey, a rich grey and one that will most definitely last the test of time in order to keep that look. With this theme, you will want the whole of the exterior to be painted in this one colour, this includes all frames and doors too. This may seem a little daunting to begin with but once it is finished you will soon see how having this bold grey will make your summer house the main focal point in your garden.

painted summer house interior ideas

Beach Hut

This has to be one of our favourite ideas. Beach huts are just so striking, aren’t they? Most of us are drawn to them at the beach and the variety of colours and designs make everybody smile. This painted summer house idea is also probably the most fun. The possibilities are endless. Stripes are a must, aren’t they? But how many colours do you go for? I mean 2 is pretty, 3 is interesting but what about a different colour for each wooden panel? Now that would be really fun! You can also choose to go pastel, to go nautical, bright and bold, vintage, very girly or very masculine, light or dark because everything can work with this theme. 

Red Barn

This is another fun idea: an American style red barn. That iconic bright red with white lines and door frames, grey/brown timber beams inside and a grey slate roof. If you are after a building that will capture people’s attention and will create a talking point, this is the painted summer house idea for you. 

Natural Wood

And for the more natural look, how about simply varnishing the exposed wood and create a log cabin in the woods look? Rustic, real, timber, browns, greys and rugged all come to mind in order to complete this theme. Our biggest tip would be to invest in a good, hardy varnish that will last in order to keep your desired look for years to come. 

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