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Picking the Perfect Furniture for Your Garden Log Cabin

A garden log cabin is a stylish addition to any property – and needs to be decorated as such! The cabin is a room in its own right, and should have its own unique style. One of the benefits of a log cabin being in the garden is that its style doesn’t necessarily need to be influenced by the decor in the rest of the house.

For example, you might prefer a minimalist lounge and kitchen, but feel that a log cabin should look more rustic and cosy. Or the interior of your whole house might be a colour explosion, but you might fancy something a little more neutral for a garden log cabin (especially if you intend to use it as a garden office).

garden log cabin furniture

How to Pick the Perfect Furniture for a Garden Log Cabin

When it comes to furniture, your number one priority, above all else, should be comfort. There’s no point blowing your budget on some stylish sofas that no one can actually sit on without slipping a disc. The same goes for things like desk and table height (you don’t want to be forced to stoop), and low hanging light fittings that might whack you in the head.

Decide what your garden log cabin will be used for

Is your garden room going to be an office? Do you need an extra sitting room? Is it going to have a dual purpose and need extra furniture? Ask yourself lots of questions about your furniture needs so you don’t accidentally buy something unsuitable.

Measure the area you’re working with

Before you set your heart on a corner sofa that won’t quite squash in to your garden cabin, try to consider how much space you’ll need to accommodate everything. If you’re going for a large item (like a big sofa or a large work desk), map out how much room it’ll take up before making any decisions about what else you’ll buy.

Garden Log Cabin Office

Consider the walk-way between furniture items

If you’re forced to play a live-action game of Tetris to fit all of your new furniture in your garden room, think about how easily you can get form A to B. Would you be able to navigate the space if you had your leg in plaster or were heavily pregnant?

Assess how likely you might be to trip over awkwardly placed furniture. There isn’t much point in squeezing all your favourite items into a room that can no longer be navigated! Instead, either look for smaller versions of what you want, or leave non-essential items off your shopping list.

Garden Log Cabin Furniture

Shop around

It’s likely that you’ve got a good idea of how you want your new furniture to look, but buying the first set that looks how you imagined might be a mistake. Furniture generally moves in trends, so if a style is popular, there are probably lots of variations on the market – all offering different prices and quality. Realistically, it’s best to seek out the best quality at the best price, but if price is your deciding factor, then shopping around is even more important.

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