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Gorgeous Garden House Design for a Perfect Summer Hideaway

Gorgeous Garden House Design for a Perfect Summer Hideaway

Garden house design needs to be at the top of your to do list if you want your decorating done for summer. If you’ve already got a garden outbuilding, then half of your work is done! Otherwise, if you’re looking to have a summer house built, this is the best time to consider design and decor. 

Updating a summer house that’s already on your property is a fun project to take on in spring. It gives you plenty of time to research garden house design before you start work. Finishing the project just in time to use it is a very satisfying feeling too. Getting your summer house to look exactly how you’d envisaged just as the summer arrives means you don’t have to wait to show it off!

If you’re having a garden room built, it’s still a good idea to look at the various designs available and discuss it with your adviser before the building work commences. That way, you’ll know if your dreams are possible and you’ll be able to get to work on the interior, the minute the exterior has been built.

Garden House Design for the Perfect Summer Hideaway

Whether you’re giving your current garden room a facelift, or having a brand new one built, garden house design is likely to take over your thoughts for the duration of the project. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with lots of inspiration to help you create the summer hideaway dreams are made of. 

A good place to start is investing in some interiors magazines, before expanding your search to Pinterest, Instagram and various home interiors blogs.

This list of popular summer house interior design will help inspire and guide you to your ideal interior.

Beach House Chic

Gorgeous Garden House Design for a Perfect Summer Hideaway

Beach house interiors are not the same as the nautical look, so hang your navy accessories at the door and get ready for a sophisticated coastal finish. Bleached tones and faded light wood will help complete this popular garden room look. Keep things simple with lots of whites – think minimalism with a rustic beachy twist.

Japanese Zen

Kick back and relax in a Japanese-inspired garden outbuilding. The zen philosophy gets its inspiration from the simplicity of nature. A garden room with large windows and wood on show will lend itself well to this design. Japanese designers know how to make a big deal out of a small space, so take notice of common themes. Compact furniture populating rooms bathed in light is a great place to start.

Bohemian Hideaway

The bohemian look lends itself well to wooden garden buildings. It’s best to have lots of wood on display for a pared back finish. Add personality and texture by curating various textiles in rich tones – don’t worry, nothing needs to match! To deepen the colour palette, bring the outside in by displaying lots of plants and flowers. Nature goes hand in hand with the boho style, so don’t be afraid to go mad in the garden centre – you can’t overload on leaves!

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