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10 Simple Ways To Create a Fantastic Garden Party

With the weather warming up and the lighter evenings creeping in, your mind may well now be turning to garden entertaining for your friends and family. Here are a few ways in which to create a fantastic garden party that everyone will remember!

Soft Furnishings

It’s the small things that can help to make your guests to feel comfortable and the addition of soft furnishings to your outdoor space will most certainly do that for them. Look at placing a variety of sizes of cushions, line your chairs with seat cushions, think about purchasing an outdoor sofa, hammock or large swing chair and don’t forget to add throws for keeping warm as the night air begins to chill.

Reusable Decorations

All parties must have decorations but these can be quite costly if you like to have a garden party quite often. Instead of shopping for throwaway items, invest in reusable partyware that can be packed away and safely stored after each event and then brought out again as and when required. We love The Conscious Party Box for all of their essential party pieces.


By using a wide choice of lighting you can create pockets of areas for your garden party that will provide a different atmosphere. Try adding candles to cosy corners for those who want a cuddle up, who don’t want to sit in harsh electric lights and so on. Add solar lights to pathways. These will help to lead the way through the garden, back to the house, up to your party area all without draining on your electricity. Fairy lights will make your party feel magical and fun and large heat lamps will provide both adequate lighting plus warmth for your guests.

Perfect Garden Party


If your party is due to start during the day then you will need to think about how to keep your guests comfortable in the sunny periods as well as in the evening. Providing shade is one of the most important things you can do especially if you have children or older family members attending. Installing an awning is a useful tool but other options include large umbrellas, sail shades and pergolas with climbing plants. Also, don’t forget that sun cream!

Garden Party Games

Parties always need games and the great thing about an outdoor party is that you can set up games on the lawn for all ages to enjoy. There are many products out there from croquet to large dominoes, hula hoops and oversized connect four, ball games and limbo. For table games why not add some packs of cards, board games and chess? That way you will be catering for everybody’s needs.

Garden Bar

If you regularly entertain then a garden bar is a necessity! It will not only save you from always running inside the house to make drinks but it will allow you to provide a different form of entertainment for your party goers. You could create a traditional pub feel or go with a cocktail bar theme and invite your guests to make their own cocktails for everybody to try. A party isn’t a party without some good drinks.

Garden Kitchen

It also isn’t a party without food. A garden kitchen looks good, smells good and helps to bring the party together. Whether you like a barbeque, a cool salad or fine dining, your garden kitchen can be designed and catered to your tastes and will be a wonderful addition to your garden party.

Garden Room

A garden room can be a wonderful addition to any garden and can really help to bring a party together. Not only will it provide another place for your guests to sit but it could also be used as a dining room, as a disco, as your garden bar and as shelter if it begins to rain. On top of this, garden rooms are well insulated and can be soundproofed so if you wanted to close the doors and move your party into here, you won’t be disturbing your neighbours.

Photo Booth

This could be a hired booth or you could even create your own by purchasing a few props, a polaroid camera and making a backdrop using a decorated sheet. Your guests could have loads of fun setting up photo opportunities and making keepsakes of the evening.


A well-placed firepit will help to keep your party guests warm and it could also provide an end of evening activity in the form of marshmallow toasting. What a fun and simple way of getting everybody together before you all say goodbye.

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