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Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Lighting

When planning your garden room, the first aspects you will probably be considering will be the size, style, windows, what you’ll use it for, how you will decorate it but how about the lighting? How much do we consider the importance of lighting in a room or building? It’s probably one of those areas further down on your list but in actual fact, lighting can make a room and finding that perfect ambience will give your garden building the feel and look you desire with very little effort. 

So, what garden room lighting could you consider?

Pendant lamps - Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Lighting


Spotlights are perfect if you are going to be using your garden room for exercise or as an office. Small spotlights placed in the ceiling will give you consistent lighting throughout the building, they will provide the maximum amount of light required and they will give the impression of the room being bigger as they will open the area up. However, they won’t be quite the right choice if you are looking for a room to relax in, to read in or to escape in, as they won’t give you that warm glow that a room of this use will require which is precisely why careful consideration is needed when selecting the right garden room lighting.

LED Ceiling Light

LED lighting is great for brightening up those darker areas, cupboards, storage rooms and so on as they give instant bright light in that one spot. You may find this to be a great solution for a dim corner, for the entrance way of your garden cabin or for above your desk.

Strip Lights

Strip lights will be perfect for a home office. We often see these in office buildings and the reason being that they provide an even warm look across them, they aren’t as blinding as spotlights can be and you can add lamps for additional lighting where required. 

Dimmer Switch Lights

I’m such a fan of dimmer switch lights because as the natural lighting changes or as my eyes tire, I want to be able to alter the lighting easily and effectively. I hate having to strain my eyes to see but at the same time, I cannot cope with brightness all of the time. A dimmer switch will allow you to have complete control over the lighting of the room throughout the day and evening which will not only make working much more enjoyable but also means you won’t have to rely on any backup lighting such as table lamps. 


A lamp can really help to transform a room and if you have the space, you could easily fill your garden room with a variety of them. The beauty of lamps is that you can achieve the desired lighting throughout the day and night just by turning out the main lights and using lamps as your main source of light instead. Lamps can provide lighting across a range of heights in a room which will allow your room to have a different look and feel depending on what you choose to use.

Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Lighting

A large standing lamp in a corner of a room will give you that lighting higher up and this will project around the area it is stood in making it perfect for giving your room that extra boost of light it may need on a dull day. A table lamp is larger than a desk lamp and will provide extra light if you are working on a project that needs fine detail. A desk lamp will give you direct light onto your work and enable you to work without straining your eyes. Other lamps you may want to consider include, swing arm lamps, lanterns, ball lamps, lava lamp, glow lamps and modern stylish lamps. 


If you are using your garden cabin for a relaxation space such as a yoga studio or meditation room then candles will provide you with ideal mood lighting. In order to maximise on this, you could consider having candle holders installed on the walls around the room, shelving to hold oversized candles and stands to keep candles off of the floor for safety measures. 

Fairy Lights

Again, if you want to make your garden cabin pretty and relaxing, fairy lights are a great way to achieve this and the bonus with these is that they could be used inside or out… Or both! With so many different styles available on the market nowadays you are literally spoilt for choice and if you want to be considerate of your electricity usage you can even opt for solar charged lights. 

Fairy lights Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Lighting

Security Lighting

And lastly, do not forget to overlook security lighting for the outside of your garden cabin. You can choose to purchase battery powered, electric or solar powered ones and most will also have several settings to meet your needs. Sensor lights will be enough to deter any unwanted visitors and will alert you to any movement. However, you will need to be mindful of neighbours so it may be worth speaking to them prior to installing one, you won’t want the light going off every time a cat wanders by! If you are worried about this you could always choose a security light with a timer or a remote control that can be switched off from inside the house. With so many options available to you, there will be something that will fit in perfectly with your new garden cabin.

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