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Personal Trainer Business from a Garden Room

6 Reasons to Run Your Personal Trainer Business from a Garden Room

As a personal trainer, you’ll know how important those sessions with your clients are. You are no doubt truly dedicated to giving them your undivided attention and want to see them achieve all of their goals but is your training location holding some of this back at all? As we know, public gyms can be busy, noisy and sometimes daunting. Parks can hold a lot of distractions and a room inside your home may not feel quite professional enough but have you ever considered running your personal trainer business from a garden room? Let’s consider it…


When asked about their garden rooms and why they love theirs, most personal trainers will state privacy as their first answer. Not only do you get a nice quiet room but you also get zero prying eyes, nobody to make your client feel uncomfortable as they work out which allows them to relax and focus on the task in hand. With double glazed windows and bi-fold doors as well as soundproofing, a garden room will be quiet, peaceful and private.

Your Chosen Equipment

When creating your own personal training space within your garden room you have the freedom to choose the workout equipment and gear that suits your exercise tastes. This will be an investment but as it will be well used and will bring in the clientele it will pay off in the long run.

Personal Trainer Business from a Garden Room

No Crowds

And you will be free to use that equipment as much and for as long as you want as there won’t be anyone lining up to use it next. Those feelings can easily put someone on edge, make them feel as though they need to hurry up, distract a client from carrying out their exercise correctly because who likes having eyes on them?! Gyms can get crowded quite quickly and there is always a gym etiquette you should follow in order to keep everybody happy and hogging a machine is not a good look but by having your own equipment and room you will be avoiding this for the future.

Flexible Working Hours

When you can work from your home rather than in a hired gym or studio space, you can adapt your working day to suit both your and your client’s needs. If you would rather have your days free and work evenings, that is easily done. If you want to break up when people come for their personal training session, you can tailor the day to suit you. If you want no time constraints, you can schedule your sessions so there won’t ever be another client waiting outside. It’s your space, your business and your time all free for you to control.

No Overheads

Once you have purchased your garden room and all of your equipment you will be overhead free. No more paying a gym to have use of their equipment, no more forking out for a studio or hall during the colder months, your garden room will provide you with everything you’ll ever need to train your clients.


A dedicated space in which to be a personal trainer looks so much more professional and of course, when people see this it encourages them to sign up. It really is a win win situation.

If you’d like to discuss creating a personal trainer garden room in your back garden then get in contact with us today.

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