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Planning To Renovate In 2022? A Garden Room Should Be On Your List

With house prices at an all-time high, many people are finding themselves in a tricky position wondering whether to spend that money and move or to stick and renovate. The latter may well be the better investment though. Adding value to your home right now will pay off in the future and we all know house prices can change year on year so you could be savvy and hang on for the time being and nurture what you already own. If you do choose to renovate in 2022 a garden room should most definitely also be on your list and here is why…

Renovate in 2022

Work From Home

As we enter 2022 we are still very unsure whether working from home will become the permanent norm for all of us but if this is the case, it is time to really re-think how that set-up will look. Many people have temporary spaces in bedrooms, the dining room or in the corner of the living room. Some have no private space whatsoever and are still struggling to find that balance between home and work life. A garden room is a really effective solution for the whole family. It provides you with that professional space in which to work, it frees up your home, it will help to turn your home back into your home again and will allow you to leave work behind at the end of the day.

Additional Space

When we think about adding extra space to our homes we immediately think of extending but this can be very costly, very messy for the rest of the home and can lead to a lot of upheaval. A garden room is a fantastic alternative if you’re planning to renovate in 2022. Not only can it be used for a wide range of activities but it will provide you with that additional space with zero impact on the family home. On top of this, it doesn’t require planning permission and all the paperwork that comes with it.

Making More of Your Garden

Many of us own a property with a garden but not all of us make the absolute most of this space. It can be tricky to envisage how that green space can be best utilised but the addition of a garden room is one of the best choices you can make. Not only will it provide a new, interesting focal point but it will also give you a great excuse to get out in your garden more and enjoy the adjoining space. There is nothing better than being able to fling open those bi-fold doors during the summer and feeling a warm breeze coming into the garden room as you work/paint/read and so on.

A Place For All

A garden room can be a sanctuary for the entire family. From a playroom to a teenagers den, an entertainment space or cinema room, a reading nook or a music studio, the options are endless. And you can even change the use as often as you like. The joys of a garden room are the versatility, the privacy, the escapism from the house, the reconnection with your garden and time together.

Adds Value

As mentioned above, garden rooms do add value as they increase the square footage of a property’s living space. Leading property experts have actually estimated that adding a garden room can in fact increase the value of a home by 1.5 depending on the quality of the build.

If you’re planning to renovate in 2022, why not get in contact with us today?

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