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planting around your garden room

Planting Around Your Garden Room

A garden room can make a wonderful focal point in any garden but to really set it off you may want to consider adding plants and flowers around it to make it ‘pop’. Planting around your garden room may seem a little confusing or daunting but once you choose the right combinations and when these begin to come into their own, you’ll really see the benefits.

Where to Begin

To begin with, think of this space as an extra border so look for plants that will give height, some that will ground cover, others to provide greenery and then some attractive choices to give you colour. Maybe plan this space by drawing it out first and playing around with where you would like to see a statement plant, where colour would help, which areas need a little coverage (we will talk about climbers in a moment) and just take some time to create a few ideas that could work for your garden. Don’t forget to consider what other plants and flowers you already have growing and how these could tie into this look as well.


If you want your garden to look colourful, lush and green all year round then stay away from too many seasonals. We know these are always pushed quite heavily in garden centres and they are often really bright and enticing but they won’t last past the summer and you will be left with gaps around your garden room that will make it look drab during the winter. Perennials do not have to be boring, shop around, ask your local garden centre for advice especially regarding your soil type and how much sun/shade the garden room area will get. They will be able to point you in the right direction and show you a good selection of perennials that will keep your beds filled year after year.


Taller plants and flowers will help to add depth to your bed, to draw the eye and to also frame the garden room. Choosing plants such as Foxgloves, Lupins, Hibiscus and Delphiniums.

Filling That Space

If you have a lot of space to cover and fill don’t overlook small bushes/shrubs for this area. As long as these are well tended to all year round you can create a small tidy look and keep your bushes under control. Some great examples include Azalea, Box hedge, Camellia, Daphne, Hebes and Lavender.

Ground Cover

To bring that eye level down you will also want to add some ground cover and the simplest way to do that is to opt for some lovely alpines. Heavenly Blue, McDaniel’s Cushion, Silver Posie Thyme and Speedwell will all provide colour, foliage and are easy to care for.


planting around your garden room

Climbing plants are a great addition against a wall or building. Not only do they look attractive but they help to tie your green area with your suburban area helping to break up heavy brickwork, wood or structures. Again, try and opt for climbers that either give you a year-round leaf or ones that will come back each spring/summer. Popular choices would be Star Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Ivy (there are many varieties around), Wisteria and Passionflower.

Planting around your garden room has hopefully been made to feel simpler and a doable task now. Good luck!

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