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Why A Garden Room Could Be a Great Addition To a Pre-School Garden

Garden rooms can have many functions and can be installed in any outdoor setting as long as the landowner allows it and your chosen size comes below the requirements for building permission. We often think of these structures only being built in back gardens but how about within a place of education? We believe a garden room could be a great addition to a pre-school garden…

Extra Learning Space

The first and very obvious reason for having a garden room in your pre-school is to provide the children with extra learning space. Many pre-schools up and down the country are on the smaller size and this is great for ensuring that children are not overwhelmed and feel safe but it can cause problems when it comes to finding room in which to carry out more activities for learning. A garden room would be an easy solution to this and give the children a lovely, spacious, warm room in which to play.

Shelter on Rainy Days

Outdoor play is crucial for children’s health, learning and development but as we all know, UK weather can be quite unpredictable. A garden room in the garden of the pre-school would provide a great place to take shelter but allow them to still feel as though they are connected to their garden play. The bi-fold doors could be left open to allow them to come in and out as they please and to tie both the indoors and outdoors together.

Pre-school garden

Nature Room for your Pre-School Garden

And the last pointer follows on really well to this one, a nature room. As we said, tying the indoors and outdoors can be really beneficial for play, shelter and also for allowing the children to really connect with nature and wildlife. This room could become a nature hub, a place for them to study the outside world, look at creepy crawlies under the microscope, look up leaves and flowers in books, create nature-based art, grow plants from seeds and so on. This room would such a positive place for the children to be able to access and we are sure the parents would love it too!

Messy Play Room

A large room with laminate flooring and easy to clean walls is THE PERFECT place for messy play and as we all know, small kids just love to get messy! A modern garden room would provide space, light, storage for art equipment and also keep the messy stuff away from the main pre-school room/hall making the tidy up easier at the end of the day.

Dining Room

Alternatively, the garden room at pre-school could be used as a dining room. A place away from the toys and arts and crafts where the children could sit to eat with no other distractions. One long large table would be easily accommodated within this space and with the addition of a sink and toilet, the children would be able to wash up and not have to worry about dashing across to the main school when nature calls. Having a room like this would also allow the staff to focus on just lunchtime and all that goes with this hour making clean up easy and hygienic and ensuring that no food contaminates any equipment or toys.

Chill Out or Nap Zone

Children of pre-school age may well still require a day time nap or just some time out to chill. Taking a nap in a noisy and busy pre-school setting can make it tricky for them to switch off but a garden room could provide a wonderful, quiet and peaceful solution to this. Just imagine a room with pillows and blankets, comfy chairs, floor beds, cushions, soft lighting and calm music. You could create a dreamy setting for all those who need it.

So, as you can see, a garden room isn’t just beneficial for the home, it could also be a great addition for a pre-school.

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