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Top Tips For Preparing Your Garden Room For The Winter

The weather is beginning to change, the leaves are starting to fall and the temperature is dropping. Yes, those colder months are on their way and even though we have a few weeks to go, it is never too early to begin preparing your garden room for the winter.

Make A Start On The Leaves

As the leaves begin to fall on and around your building make it apart of your routine to clear them away as and when you can. Leaving these until springtime can lead to problems such as damaged grass, slippery paths and a buildup on the roof which could possibly lead to damp and mould.

Make some time to tend to any issues straight away, keep a broom nearby to sweep the pathways and decking, powerwash any green areas and collect leaves for your compost as often as you can. You should also tend to any overgrown bushes or trees which could pose a further problem down the line.

Preparing Your Garden Room For The Winter

Clear The Guttering

If your garden room has a guttering system on the roof you will want to give these a quick clean out before winter arrives. Having these working to their full capacity is really beneficial during the winter months.

Lick of Paint 

Prepare your garden room for that extra wet and cold weather by ensuring that you protect it with a new lick of weatherproof paint. If colour isn’t for you, why not add a natural stain or varnish?

Check Doors and Windows

Give your doors and windows a thorough check to ensure that there are no gaps, damage, movement of seals due to the heatwave and that everything closes and locks appropriately. Those darker nights can often lead to increased break-ins so securing your garden room for the winter is imperative.

Preparing Your Garden Room For The Winter

Security Lights

And this follows on nicely from our last point about security; making sure that security lights work or installing some if you haven’t had a chance to invest yet. Lights which turn on automatically from movement are a great burglar deterrent. Solar lights are also really beneficial as these will keep a low light glowing throughout your garden giving you a good view of any goings-on. 

Check The Heating

Your garden room heating probably hasn’t been switched on for the majority of the year so it is always worth testing it before the cold snap arrives. If there are any problems you can get these seen to long before you will need to use it. After all, you will still want to enjoy this space even in the winter. 

Change Up The Interior

This is also a great time to change up the interior and bring your cosy items out to your garden room. In the colder months, you and your family will love to have throws to snuggle under, large cushions to curl up into, a warm rug underfoot and all of those hygge features. If you have a kitchen area inside your room don’t forget to add hot chocolate to cupboards too!

With the appropriate care and attention by preparing your garden room for the winter with these tips you will continue to provide a space that will bring plenty of use and fun throughout the entire year.

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