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How To Still Give a Professional Air When You Work From Home

Being able to work from home became the new norm when lockdown hit and it has continued to be that way long after. Many companies and small business owners realised that they could get the same productivity and some extra flexibility with zero commuting time and it just felt like a win-win. However, we all know that working from home isn’t always quite as professional as working from an office space and that making changes in the place you live can be tricky. Here we take a look at a few ways in which you can still give off that professional air even when working from your own home.

Dress to Impress When You Work From Home

Dressing for the job can really help to not only get your mindset in the right place but will also make a good impression if you are taking part in zoom calls or meeting clients in person. It can be easy to roll out of bed and grab some sweats and not feel the need to bother because you will be at home but don’t underestimate the feeling a good work outfit can give you. Take time to get ready, to make yourself feel good and that professional air will glow from you.

Change Your Background From Your Front Room!

As we know, Zoom has become one of the most popular ways in which to communicate when working from home but how many times have you checked what the background looks like before hopping on? Ok, so we all know you are at home but do your colleagues really need to see that open wardrobe or washing hanging up? The toys on the mantelpiece or books fallen over? To create a professional look dress your background appropriately or choose a simple plain wall as a backdrop.

Work From Home

Work on Noise Elimination

This is probably one of the hardest parts of working from home – other people also live there! It can’t be helped, you may all have different routines or shifts, the phone may ring, and the doorbell may go off so what can you do to improve on this? Choosing where to work inside the house is an important factor. Choose a space that is furthest away from any disruptions. Ensure that room has a door and if possible, you could look into soundproofing it too. Ask others to be respectful especially if you are making calls and perhaps come up with a schedule for you all to follow. You could also unplug the house phone if you don’t need to use it and pop a note on the front door asking for no one to disturb at the time. Another solution would be to…

Build a Garden Room

If you have ample outdoor space on your property then a garden room could be the best answer to many issues. Not only will this executive home office provide you with privacy, zero noise or interruptions and plenty of space but it will also allow you to feel as though you are at work and not within your own home. You can close the doors on it at the end of the working day and walk the short trip home. By separating home life from work life in this way you will be able to maintain that professionalism as well as your sanity!

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