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reduce garden room energy bills

How You Can Reduce Your Garden Room Energy Bills

Having a garden room from which to run your business may well have been one of the best decisions you’ve made in recent years, but with the ever-increasing worry over rising energy bills, your feelings may be starting to shift. How can you reduce your garden room energy bills? Fear not, we are here to help you continue working happily and warmly!

How to reduce your garden room energy bills

Turn it off

The simplest step you can take each and every day is to turn things off when you don’t them. Lights, lamps, chargers, plug sockets, all can make a big difference if you just become a little more aware of turning them off. Did you know that even if an electrical item isn’t in use but it is still plugged in and turned on at the plug socket, it will be using a small amount of energy? This is well-known as vampire energy as the item is sucking electricity. How much? Well, that depends on the age of the product, what it is and how long you leave it like that, but it is definitely enough to add to your bill! So, be mindful and start turning those appliances etc off to reduce your garden room energy bills.

Light Bulbs

Old-style lightbulbs and those “energy-saving” ones could well be using up 80% more energy than LED lights. Spend some time researching which bulbs would be best for your garden room and make this switch to reduce your garden room energy bills.

How You Can Reduce Your Garden Room Energy Bills

Sensor Lights

Another great investment is sensor lights. These will come on when the natural lighting starts to dim allowing you to move around the room without the need for turning to your electric lights.

Standby Problems

Leaving electrical items on standby could well still be using around 15% of energy which can add up to anywhere between £50 and £86 a year on your energy bill. That is literally just money down the drain there, so once you are finished using a device/item just go ahead and switch it off properly to avoid unnecessary costs.

Warm it Up

A garden room will typically have an electric heater installed as standard but rather than reaching for that this year think about how else you could warm your room up. Double glazing is usually the chosen finish for windows and doors but an upgrade to triple glazing would make a bigger difference. Make sure you also see to any drafts by placing draft excluders by the door, adding heavy curtains or blinds and checking for any structural damage if your garden room is getting on in age. A lot of the advice coming through is to warm the person, not the room so think about adding layers to your clothing, having hot drinks available, investing in hot water bottles or warming pads and taking breaks to get your body moving. Hopefully, this won’t have to be the situation for every year but by doing what you can this winter you will be saving some money and be a little better off.

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