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How a Rendered Garden Room Can Give Your Home The Wow Factor!

When you think of a garden room, you may immediately picture a glass summerhouse or perhaps a wooden log cabin but did you know that there are more varieties available to you with the most stand-out option being the rendered garden room? Here at Modern Garden Rooms we truly believe that this is the building that will give your home the wow-factor!

What is a Rendered Garden Room?

A rendered garden room is a building that is finished with rendering, just like a house can have, rather than a wood finish. The outside walls are carefully plastered with a silicone render to give a smooth texture and also a contemporary look. 

What Are the Benefits of Rendering?

The main benefits of rendering a building are:

  1. The cosmetics- a rendered building will look neater, will stand out more and will make more of an impact
  2. Improve thermal-efficiency by aiding the insulation
  3. Weather proofing- the render will prevent the materials underneath from being weathered and will help to prevent against damp or mould problems
  4. Crack resistant

Can I Paint It?

Yes, the great thing about a rendered garden room is that this smooth surface is then ready for any colour paint you desire. White is a popular choice as this gives your garden that brightness, it appears clean and fresh and fits in well with any garden colour scheme but the choice is all yours. If you want to add a mixture of bright, bold colours this can be arranged. If you’d rather opt for something that will give your garden an even bigger wow factor you may want to look into having one wall painted as a mural? Once the rendering is on and set, you can get about personalising it in any way you see fit. 

Bringing The Garden to Your Room

Of course, another fun option for your exterior walls is to allow plants or flowers to grow up and around your garden room. Think about stunning climbers such as the passionflower, Honeysuckle, Clematis and Wysteria growing and taking bloom across the wall. Or why not add some interest with hanging baskets, window boxes or adding shelving to hold plant pots? You could continue the contemporary look by planting box hedges around the borders and trimming them to look square and tidy. Bringing the garden onto the building will truly tie both areas together and make a stunning impact. 

Rendered garden room

What Other Options are There for the Look?

You don’t have to go full rendered if you still wanted to keep some of the traditional wooden look that garden cabins tend to have. Why not mix the two together? Having areas for wooden slats broken up by the smooth render will not only look aesthetically pleasing it will really give your garden room, as well as your garden, that wow factor you are looking for.

What Windows and Doors Can I Have?

All Modern Garden Rooms come with double glazed windows and bi-fold doors as standard. It is important to have windows and doors that will aid in keeping your room draft-free as well as insulated during the winter to allow you to enjoy and use your garden room all year round. In the summer you can throw the bi-fold doors open to allow in that summer breeze and to bring your garden and room together. We can offer a choice of bespoke frame options if you have something particular in mind as well as a variety of sizes. Your garden room is YOUR room and we know that these final design choices are important to you.

Design With You in Mind

And following on from that last point, everything we offer can be adapted, discussed, played around with and designed exactly how you envisage it. Just give our design tool a whirl or drop us a line today.

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