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Rustic Log Cabin Look

Achieve the Rustic Log Cabin Look in Your Garden Room

When it comes to garden room design, everybody has their own individual tastes but one really popular look is the rustic log cabin. It’s not hard to see why, that whole aesthetic gives the feeling of being away on a trip, escaping the rat race and taking some well-earned R&R. So, no, your back garden may not resemble the forest or be near to water but that doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to create this idealistic design anyway. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the rustic log cabin look in your garden room.


Log cabins are made of, well, logs! So there are 2 ways in which you could obtain a similar look. Firstly you could choose not to have a well-oiled finish to the exterior of your garden room and instead opt for a dark wood dye which you could then gently sand to create a rugged texture. Secondly (if you are feeling artistic) you could cover the whole of the outside in a mural to give the impression of being made from logs.


If your garden space will allow for it, chose a garden room with a decked area and if possible, also steps. This will truly bring that log cabin look to life and give you a place to add further details such as seating, lamps, pots, lighting and soft furnishings.


The planting around your garden room shouldn’t be arranged or patterned instead opt for hedges, longer grass, window boxes with bulbed flowers such as daffodils, terracotta pots and so on. What you are aiming for is something you have carefully planned and designed but no one would ever be able to tell!

Rustic Log Cabin Look


Shutters added to the exterior (whether functional or not) will immediately give that rustic look to your garden room and make it look like an authentic log cabin.


When you think of a traditional log cabin I bet one of the first things that spring to mind are windows with shutters and gingham curtains, right? Even if you only add these for decorative purposes, a cutesy curtain design with tie backs will really bring this overall rustic log cabin look together.


The interior of your log cabin garden room needs to steer well clear of the contemporary, modernistic and minimalistic designs and head down the route of oldy world. To achieve this search for pre-loved furniture, upcycle items using chalk paint, use trinkets to make it feel homely and interesting, add unique pieces like driftwood found on the beach or artwork from a local seller. Once you start on this it may be hard to stop but that’s fine because a log cabin should be like a treasure trove.

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