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rustic outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture To Add A Rustic Touch To Your Outside Space

If you don’t have outdoor furniture, it is a wise investment. Dining outside during the warmer months is a lovely thing to do with your family or friends, or even when eating alone. The sound of the birds and the rustling of leaves in the trees outdoors brings peace and tranquillity, and the sunshine can work wonders on improving the mood. Throw in a nice glass of wine, settle into your rustic outdoor furniture, and you might think you’re in heaven!

There are many styles of outdoor dining furniture to choose from. Take a look through our suggestions, and and you will soon have those ideas flowing so that you can create your very own rustic outdoor dining space. With a garden room, then you can set your furniture up inside it or outside, depending on the weather and your mood.

Rustic Outdoor Furniture

For dining outside, you really need outdoor furniture namely a table and chairs, or a bench. To get the rustic look, wooden tables and chairs can often be a winner as wood provides a nice earthy natural touch that goes hand in hand with a rustic theme. Rattan furniture can also provide a rustic touch.

As well as the main outdoor dining table and chairs, have a think about side tables or bench options. These come into their own for drinks whilst you are eating, freeing up some space on or at the main table. On top of that, they also are lovely little accessories that you will be able to use if you are having coffee outdoors with friends, or just grabbing five minutes to yourself in the sun with a book and a cup of tea.

Rustic Pots and Planters

Any outdoor space that benefits from some plants, and whether you have a large garden or a small yard or patio, the right choice of plants can give your rustic outdoor dining experience a beautifully peaceful and natural feel. Turning the space into a relaxed haven, plants will ensure that you have a slice of natural wonder weaved into your dining space.

Planters made from reclaimed wood or natural terracotta work well if you are after that wonderful rustic look. Natural, earthy textures and colours will go well with your theme. Arrange them around your dining space so that you can appreciate them while you eat.

rustic outdoor Furniture

Rustic Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can add so much to a rustic dining experience. There are so many brilliant, low-energy LED lighting designs these days that are just perfect including rustic-looking lamps or even fairy lights, designed for outdoor spaces.

You can even get solar powered lighting, which charges during the day when the sun is shining and provide light once it has set. Solar outdoor lights can be left in position whether you are dining or not, and will even be there to illuminate the garden and make it look wonderful even when you are indoors!

Finishing Touches

The fresh air can help create a mood that just can’t be beaten but as we all know, here in the UK, it can start to get a little chilly when the sun goes in. A choice array of cushions and throws to drape over your rustic outdoor furniture are ideal for continuing your theme whilst also providing comfort and warmth if the night turns chilly, so you don’t have to bring your party indoors.

Look out for rustic textures that feel rustic such as chunky weave or waffle, and materials that feel more raw or natural such as cotton, linen and wool in earthy burnt orange, terracotta, mustard yellow, greys, greens and even washed out blues.

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