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Setting Up An Awesome Man Cave UK Edition

Creating the ideal man cave – UK conditions taken into account – is a fun project with a huge pay off. A space that’s all yours, full of cool gadgets and things you love it the perfect place to relax in your spare time. Everyone deserves place to unwind in and forget about the world, and a man cave is the best place to do that.

Setting Up An Awesome Man Cave UK Edition

The first thing you need to consider when creating a man cave, is where you’re going to set it up. A budget-friendly option would be to repurpose a room in your house. Most people prefer their man caves to be away from the main property in an out-building.

While it is possible to insulate a shed to make it a bit warmer for the cold weather, it might still be a bit too cold to use most of the year. Instead, a purpose built garden room makes a great man cave – UK climate considered.

Once you’ve got your man cave set up, it’s time to fill it with some really cool stuff.

Buy an Amazon Echo

Smart speakers are still going strong as home assistants, but they perfectly complement a man cave set up. It can be used to communicate with other people’s Echos, meaning you can contact a friend to come over. Another fantastic feature is the ability to re-order your favourite takeaway from Just Eat. A simple function that allows you to order with your voice, so don’t have to break away from what you’re doing but can still ensure your favourite meal ends up at your door.

Man Cave UK

Invest in personalised beer mats

Is there even any point in having a man cave if you haven’t turned a corner of it into a traditional British pub? For the ultimate pub feel, bar mats are essential. Not only do they complete your man cave UK décor, but they also protect your worktops, tables, or any other surfaces your room has.

Set up crisp rack

You can’t invite your friends over if you’ve got no snacks to offer, so why not add to your pub vibe with a crisp rack? Keep it topped up with all the country’s favourite flavours, from classics like cheese and onion, to more divisive flavours like Marmite. You can pick up a proper retail crisp rack for relatively cheaply these days too!

Buy a beer fridge

Enjoying a quiet beer in your man cave is the picture in everyone’s mind as they’re building it. Having a can of cold beer is almost synonymous with relaxing in a man cave, but if you’re wanting to keep a supply in stock, you’ll need to invest in a fridge. There are lots of drinks fridges out there, but if you invest in a fridge specifically for beer, the cans will fit much better.

Gaming station is the perfect entertainment set up

A man cave needs entertainment. It needs to be a place you can relax in, with company or alone. A gaming station will allow you to set up all your favourite consoles on one big TV. You’ll be able to stream, your favourite shows when you don’t have the energy for quests, or game alone or with friends when you do.

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