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Garden Room Furniture Ideas

Need a New Look? Seven Stylish Interior Trends For Your Garden Room

A garden room can be such a wonderful addition to your home and just like your home, you will want it to be fitted out to your own taste. The great thing with a room like this is that it can on many themes and still be very stylish. Here are just a few stylish interior trends that we have come up with to help you to make a decision.

Shabby Chic

To obtain a shabby chic feel, the first thing you will want to consider is painting all of the interior walls and ceiling white. This will allow the light to flood in and bounce off the walls, creating the illusion of space. If you wanted to go a step further, covering the walls in panelling will give you a rustic, country edge which will make it feel even cosier. The furniture you then choose should be a mixture of soft pastel shades which will complement each other. Add pretty curtains, frilly rugs, a variety of cushions and let the whole room feel as though a summer breeze has just blown in. Stunning!


The nautical theme never goes out of fashion and can work in any room. Light blues, whites, reds, stripes, all look beautiful together. Tie your colour scheme in with nautical themed ornaments and you will have a stylish look to love. 

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Country Cottage

To work on this stylish interior trend, base your main look around rustic items, cosiness, warm tones and flowers. This should all feel very romantic and welcoming and the great thing here is that you can never put too much in it. The more cute items you add, the better! Don’t forget to add window boxes to tie the outdoors in with the indoors.


A modern contemporary look will be inviting, yet quite minimal, interesting, yet have clean, crisp lines. You almost want to go for a professional look but personalising it with your own favourite pieces. This look is perfect for a garden office, a dining area or therapy room. 

Art Deco

If you want to make an impact with your garden room interior, why not go down the art deco route? You could go all out with bold colours, prints, asymmetric lines, geometric items and key art pieces for your walls. A distinctly Deco look will most often have touches of silver, black and chrome, so it is important to take this into consideration when choosing your furniture. 

Global Influence

One big stylish interior trend is to go for a global influence. Taking inspiration from your favourite travel destinations, you can bring these together to create a haven for your collected pieces. Use your walls as your own Pinterest pin to gather your memories and to also mark out your travel dreams. Each time you enter your garden room you will be taken back to those wonderful holidays and inspired to pack up that suitcase again.


And lastly, as this is a garden room, why not bring nature inside? A bold wallpaper of large green leaves would make a great impact when you first walk in. Add in a green sofa, large natural coloured cushions, wooden stepping stones could be a quirky choice and an array of plants and you will be well on your way to creating a natures paradise inside your new garden building. 

We hope that these stylish interior trends will get you well on your way to designing your ideal garden room. 

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