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shabby chic summerhouse

How To Create a Shabby Chic Look For Your Summerhouse

A summerhouse or garden room is a wonderful addition to any garden. They can bring extra space to your home, add interest to your outdoor space, allow you to connect with nature on a regular basis and be used in many different ways. In order for you to fully enjoy this space, you will want to decorate it in a style that suits your taste but one style that never seems to go out of fashion and fits in well with a summerhouse is the shabby chic look.

Here we take a look at how you can achieve a shabby chic summerhouse.


To get that classic shabby chic look you will first want to take a look at the exterior of your summerhouse. Colour schemes associated with this trend are pastel shades, notably cream, so choosing a rustic colour for the outside walls will immediately help your building to achieve the look, however, to really get this spot on, you will want to rub the finished walls down to get that distressed finish. Now you will truly have a shabby chic garden room.

Interior Paintwork

Your interior paintwork will ideally be white or cream. This will create a light, airy and bright feel to your summerhouse that will never feel dull or overwhelming as dark shades can. If you wanted a little more interest, you could always choose a feature wall for a subtle pastel shade or wallpaper.


The shabby chic look has upcycling at its heart so if you are into DIY this is the ideal trend for your summerhouse. Look at purchasing secondhand pieces that need a little love and you will be well on your way to creating a stunning retreat. A simple lick of chalk paint, changing drawer handles, sanding down the wood and adding detailing can all transform pieces that others may overlook. You will be left with unique furniture that will fit in beautifully with this interior look.

Soft Furnishings

Shabby chic must also feel comfortable, warm and inviting. Using soft furnishings will certainly help with this and bring life to your design. An array of cushions, a woven rug, long, romantic curtains, cosy throws and beanbags are all great choices but remember, you need to stick to those light shades.


The key to really achieving that shabby chic look is in the finishing touches. Choosing pieces that are handmade, homemade, created using natural materials and incorporate nature will all accentuate this trend. Items you find in small antique shops, in charity shops and craft shops will all fit in beautifully. Think driftwood, pottery, macrame, paintings and crafted picture frames.

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