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Timber Garden Rooms – The Perfect Space for a She Shed

She sheds have been the ‘in thing’ in recent years, and timber garden rooms are the perfect places to house them. A decade ago, the male of the species were having all the fun with their man caves, so it stands to reason that she shed should be on trend right now.

Non-tech based hobbies are having a renaissance, and what better place to have a hobby den than a dedicated room at the bottom of your garden? A perfect escape from curious toddlers and nosy husbands!

Kitting Out Timber Garden Rooms as the Perfect She Shed

Decorating your she shed really depends on what you plan to do in there. The most important thing is that you really make it your own and turn it into the she shed of your dreams. Timber garden rooms are a fantastic choice when it comes to building a room for a purpose and these tips will help you get the look right first time.

Think About How Timber Garden Rooms Are Used

Decorating timber garden rooms really depends on how you’ll be spending your time when you’re in there. For example, if you’ll be turning it into a craft room and plan to go wild with the glue gun, you might want to dial back on the plush furnishing and any other textiles that can be easily ruined. On the other hand, a knitting room would be the perfect place for plenty of squishy cushions (and a TV that’s hooked up to Netflix).

timber garden rooms she shed

Plan Clever Storage

However you plan on spending your time in your garden room, there’s no doubt you’ll be needing storage. Drawers for rogue bits and bobs are perfect for a craft room, while fixed shelving might be better for a book nook. Cupboards would make a great storage solution for paints or fabrics. 

Pay Attention to Your Desk Space

Hobbies needing a table or a desk make that piece of furniture the most important thing in the room. Illustrations or sewing work will need large clear area for a top notch desk. Try not to play down the importance of a large, useful desk area if your hobby needs it. 

Timber Garden Rooms Need Great Lighting

Bright lighting is essential for most hobbies. Whether you’re reading, drawing, sewing or knitting, good illumination of your work will make life so much easier. Ensure your lighting is effective by installing lights that are directly over your working area. You might even need some movable lamps for very detailed work.

Make Room for More Than One Activity

A room to yourself that no one else uses is a luxury, so why limit yourself? Time alone is precious. Make the room comfy and inviting in case you want to use it for relaxing. It might be that you have more than one hobby, or that you just want to kick back undisturbed. Invest in somewhere comfy to sit and bring some books and a TV. When you’ve finished working on your hobby, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your she shed.

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