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Would a Shed Cabin Give Your Home More Space?

Once you’ve lived in one place for a few years, it’s easy to start running out of room. A shed cabin is a popular way to extend your living space without the upheaval of moving or having an extension built. Garden rooms can be used for many functions, from storage to sitting rooms. They can even be plumbed in and turned into a bedroom, depending on your needs and planning permission.

People opt for a shed cabin for lots of reasons. Sometimes the structure they need is more shed than cabin, but essentially, all garden structures will add space.

When families grow up, gaining their own hobbies and interests, it’s common that homeowners look for new ways to create a bit of elbow room. This is a great time to consider your options and think about what will be the best choice for you.

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Would a Shed Cabin Give Your Home More Space?

Once you’ve established your need to expand, it’s time to make a decision on the best option for your household. A shed cabin is suitable for most requirements, below are the ways it can fit in with your family life.

A shed cabin can create storage

Whilst in most cases, this type of room tends to be actively used for hobbies or entertaining, they can be used for extra storage too. By investing in some neat storage that looks good, you can take more clutter out of your main house and hide it away in beautiful storage units in the garden room. Cube shelf storage units like IKEA’s Kallax are useful and stylish, especially if you alternate each bare cube with a patterned canvas box that slots into the unit. This can create a stylised look and create a pop of colour.

Make it into a TV den

Another sitting room with TV access and a few streaming services can provide extra space to relax. Whether you keep it as your own hideaway, or send the teens out there to get out of your hair is up to you. Fewer people under the same roof can really give you room to spread out and relax! Most purpose built rooms will have power, insulation and heating factored into the plan, meaning you’ll have an extra sitting room all year round.

Consider a bedroom

When your little ones grow up and need more space, room sharing might cease to be an option. It’s possible to have a garden shed cabin set up as a bedroom – you could even have an in-built en suite. The only problem is, the fighting over the main bathroom in the morning might turn into fighting over who gets the swanky new garden bedroom.

Depending on what shed cabin specifications you’re hoping for, it’s possible you might need planning permission. Most types of garden room don’t require planning permission, but it’s always best to check your falls into that criteria. The person advising you on building the room should be able to clarify what the restrictions are and if your property is affected by them.

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