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Make the Most of Your Shed Room With These Space Saving Hacks

Having a shed room can be a real boost to your home. An extra room on your property give you more space to spread out. Whether you use it for storage, with the aim of keeping your home clutter-free, or choose to give it a more active function such as a sitting room or office, it’s important to be savvy with your space.

A shed room is usually an enclosed room in your garden. It might be more of a shed than a room, or it might be suitable for a range of uses. Either way, it will only have a certain amount of space free in it and it’s important to make the most of that.

Space Saving Hacks for Your Shed Room

Make the most of your shed room with these space-suggestions.

Shelves are Essential If You Use Your Shed Room for Storage

Storage rooms tend to have a reputation for being messy. They’re often the space the family uses to store those things they don’t necessarily need, but definitely don’t want to get rid of. The contents of these rooms differ from family to family. Some will hoard items for years and just keep adding to pile, while others will only save the bare minimum. Either way, it’s important to utilise the room properly.

Ideally all items will have a place. Furniture designed for storage is an ideal way to keep on top your room of miscellany. It’s important you don’t forget to use the upper portion of your shed room. By installing shelves, it creates extra surfaces to store your saved items on, without cluttering up any floor space.

shelves in shed room

Get Clever With Your Furniture for an Outdoor Sitting Room

If your outdoor room is used as an extra sitting room, then you can save space by picking furniture wisely. If you have ideas about setting up a sofa and footstool, consider opting for the type that have a hollow base for storage. That way, you keep some belongings in the hollow base of your sofa, reducing clutter in your home and outdoor room.

It’s a great way to keep things tidy in your outdoor sitting room and it’s especially helpful if you have children. If your outdoor room doubles as a play room, it’s handy to be able to tidy all the toys into the furniture and makes packing away a doddle!

Create a Space-Saving Office

If your shed room is small but you want to use it as an office, don’t let size put you off. Choose compact and space-saving furniture to maximise your work area. It’s possible to get folding desks that attach to you wall. That way, when you’re not using them, they don’t take up any floor space. It’s also a good idea to get a folding chair to go with your folding desk, meaning everything can be fully packed away when your work day is over. You could also add a folding table with a compact kettle, so that you can keep the tea and coffee flowing while you work, but pack it away easily when you finish.

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