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5 Signs That It’s Time For A Garden Shed Upgrade

The common garden shed. It’s seen us through the years, hasn’t it? From storage to dumping ground, man cave to potting area but is it now starting to look a little worse for wear? Is it no longer functional? It may well be time for an upgrade to a modern garden room and we are here to show you what that could look like…

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is the last thing you need from your garden shed. This will lead to damp, mould, damaged items you are storing inside and make for a very uncomfortable place to visit. Quite often a bog-standard garden shed will only have a wooden roof with felt secured over the top. This easily wears and rots over time, will need replacing regularly and definitely won’t withstand weathering over the years. If you opted for an upgrade, a modern garden room would be far superior. With roofing panels that will stand the test of time as well as provide your building with insulation, this new building will allow you to use your garden room all year round.

Rotting Wood

Garden sheds aren’t built to last you a lifetime and unless you treat the wood regularly it will begin to take in water and rot. They are designed to store your bits and bobs in and not really for much else. By contrast, a garden room is most certainly built to last. Made using cedarwood, oak or even plaster and rendering, there is no way this outside building will let you down.

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Rotting wood and leaking roofs all lead to one thing… Damp! And damp leads to mould and more damage to materials as well as to your valuables. With a modern garden room, you can be rest assured that every wall will be made from a timber cladding, will be insulated, have a waterproof membrane and be plastered to ensure that damp will never get in.

Drafty Windows

Let’s face it, the windows in a garden shed aren’t there to aid in the overall feel of the building. Their main function is to provide a little light for you– this may be the only light you have inside it as most standard garden sheds don’t have electrical points. This means they are single-paned and that means drafts. If you are looking for a garden space that you can enjoy any time of year at any time of day you will want double-glazed, maybe even triple-glazed windows to provide you with plenty of light, a lovely view as well as insulation.

Not Enough Space

And finally, if your garden shed is now overcrowded and isn’t giving you the space you require it is most definitely time to think about upgrading to something with a bit more of, well, everything! A modern garden room will be warm, cosy, functional, it can have heating and electricity and most of all… Space.

This space will then allow you to transform it into any room you like. Maybe you need a new office, a new workroom, a yoga room, a gym or just a place for you to relax in? Perhaps you are after a games room, a playroom, an art room or reading nook? The list could just go on and on.

Garden sheds have had their day now, it is time to move onto the next level of garden buildings. 

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