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How Sleep Can Make You Smarter At Business

How Sleep Can Make You Smarter At Business
It is becoming increasingly apparent how much sleep can affect our performance when it comes to business. In fact, something as simple as sleep, that is free and available to everyone, could be the key to working smarter at business. As the foundation of mental and physical wellbeing, the majority of people still neglect the quality and quantity of their sleep. But, it is by making sleep one of our top priorities that we will see a knock on effect in many other areas of our lives that really matter to us such as business. Here is how sleep can make you smarter at business;
You learn while you are asleep
The two different stages of sleep both affect our brain’s ability to learn and create; NREM (non-rapid eye movement) and REM (rapid eye movement). NREM is the deep sleep that we experience usually earlier on in the night, and this is what allows us to process the information we have collated during the day. This is the time when the brain can organise and make sense of new information which then aids learning. A good night’s sleep is therefore vital for learning and retaining new information.
You problem solve while you are asleep
Later on in the night we usually experience REM sleep, which is the ideal state in which we can subconsciously and creatively problem solve. Quite often we can go to bed with a problem, and after a good night’s sleep we can feel more control over the situation and even awake with a solution. Lack of sleep however will prevent this subconscious creative thinking, which can be detrimental to a business person.
Researchers have found that REM sleep “directly enhances creative processing more than any other sleep or wake state.” This is according to a study at the University of California-San Diego . One of the leaders goes on to say; “We found that, for creative problems that you’ve already been working on, the passage of time is enough to find solutions. However, for new problems, only REM sleep enhances creativity.”
It is during REM sleep that we are able to creatively approach problems, making new associations between facts, thoughts and ideas. In today’s go-getter culture of business, it can be seen as lazy and a ‘waste of time’ to sleep, and many people will brag about how little sleep they can survive on.
If you want to find ways in which you can work smarter in business, then a good night’s sleep should be your top priority. Invest in the quality of your sleep, knowing that this is an investment in your learning and the performance of your business brain. While your colleagues might think they are working harder by having very little sleep, you in fact will be working smarter and out performing them when it comes to devising new ideas and developing innovative creative business solutions. Sleep really can make you smarter in business.
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