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Why Small Garden Log Cabins Are Suddenly On-Trend

Small garden log cabins have always been a sought-after addition to a property, but this year their popularity is exploding. 

There are a likely to be a few factors contributing to the sudden uptake in having a garden log cabin built. While every reason is valid, you might be unsure whether a small log cabin can work for you needs. 

Reasons Small Garden Log Cabins Are Rising in Popularity

The world is rapidly changing and with that, so are people’s living needs. New-build houses are getting smaller, buyers are looking to downsize and many people are trying to move away from cities for a different pace of living.

With these changes come different needs for home accessories. The trend for two downstairs reception rooms has passed. Home-buyers would rather have a large lounge and a large kitchen. For extra space, they might opt for a conservatory or garden room.

As more things become digital, the need for storage such as book shelves, CDs and DVDs has also disappeared. Almost everything is getting smaller, and a small garden log cabin can fit right in.

Below are some great reasons to get a garden log cabin.

Small garden log cabins are a great place to relax

As lots more people are working from home, it can be increasingly difficult to relax where you work. Taking some time away from your laptop and kicking back in a garden cabin can help you unwind. You’ll be able to see the greenery of your garden, and experience some fresh air with an open window or door.  A small space that’s just for you can be a wonderful place to practice mindfulness and se-stress.

Small Garden Log Cabins

You can work from garden room

Conversely, you might want to work in a different building to where you spend your free time. If your workspace doesn’t require a large area, a small garden room can be the perfect set-up. Most desk-based jobs can be confined to just that – a desk. This makes it easier to separate your work life from you home life, both physically and mentally.

Have a digital detox in your garden

While advances in technology have been great for keeping in touch, the downside is, people find it hard to switch off. The ease of communication often means people have not qualms with communicating with you late at night, long after you’ve clocked off, or well before you’re even up in the morning. Use your cabin as a haven from the digital world. This doesn’t mean you can’t set up a TV with your favourite streaming service, but it does mean you should leave phones and laptops behind. Use your cabin to shut out the busy digital world, and allow yourself to be unreachable for a few hours.

Practise slow living

Slow living is a trend that first cropped up in 2019. The idea is, the modern world is noisy and fast moving, which some people can find overwhelming. Slow living is a lifestyle choice that involves being more considered in every aspect of your life. While not many people’s don’t lives lend themselves to fully committing to this philosophy, it is possible to practise it in small bursts. If you’re interested in taking things slow, a small log cabin can be the haven you need. Take a book and a hot drink and curl up by candle light. It’s possible to take small steps towards living slowly, and change the pace of your own little world.

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