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A Small Garden Office Vs A Study: What’s Best For Home Working?

Home working became hugely popular during the pandemic. While workers were unable to go into the office, they had to make do with any small space they could find in the house, whether that be a makeshift study or a kitchen table. But with working from home looking set to stay the norm, many are considering more long-term options, such as building a study in their house, or a small garden office outside.

Which should you choose? Here are some things to consider when making a decision.

A Study Needs A Room In The House

An office or a study inside the house means giving up one of your rooms, making one by dividing an existing room, or building a new room altogether through a loft extension, garage conversion or extension.

If you do have the space, then it’s a no-brainer – but most people don’t tend to buy houses much bigger than they need and it isn’t such an easy decision.

Building a brand new room in the house is a fairly costly and time consuming way to gain office space, but for some it’s the only sensible option.

A Small Garden Office Build Won’t Disturb You

If you need peace and quiet to get on with your work, then the noise and disruption of internal works could leave you frustrated before you’ve even got into your office. Conversely, if a small garden office is your choice, you can remain in the house working until it is ready. Remarkably, they only take a few days to build and you’ll be left with something you can use almost immediately; all you need to do is paint your small garden office and kit it out.

A Study In The House Is Close To The Kitchen

…And the toilet, meaning you don’t have to traipse down the garden and back into the house every time nature calls or you fancy a snack or a cup of tea. It is definitely more convenient, and you’ll never miss a parcel or visitor.

Some Movement In The Working Day Is Actually Good

Walking between your office and the house is actually better for you physically and mentally than being confined to a room. The NHS say sitting for too long can be harmful and it certainly doesn’t hurt to get off your chair every now and then and make your step counter happy!

There Are Limited Distractions Outside

By being physically separated from the house, you can minimise distractions and increase your productivity when working. A loft conversion, for example, could have the same effect if you are separated from the rest of the house by a staircase, however if you’re in the house you may find you have to be fairly strict with your family or housemates while you’re working.

So what do you think? Will you go for the brand new room, or maybe a small garden office?

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