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garden room ideas for the winter

Inspiration for Garden Dens – The Room to Keep You Smiling

Garden dens are great for helping you step back from your everyday life and get away without going away. Everybody needs chance to escape, and setting up a den in your garden room can really help.

One of the best things about garden dens is that you can use them for anything! A den in your garden can be set up for any hobby or pastime and can be changed along with your interests. So if you like to submerge yourself in a hobby before moving on to the next one, a garden den has got your back.

If you’re unsure of how you plan on using you garden room, take a look at these suggestions for garden dens.

Inspiration for Garden Dens

Setting up a garden den is a fantastic idea. It creates a haven outside of the house, that isn’t actually too far away from the house. This means you can sneak of for a quiet half hour whenever you like. 

But what will you use your garden room for?

These suggestions of popular garden dens will get your creative juices flowing. You’ll have your own den kitted out and set up in no time.

Garden Dens to Relax in

relax garden dens

These rooms are set up to shake off the day. If you’ve been working hard and need a break, get ready kick off those shoes and enjoy some time alone. A garden sitting room is a favourite among those who have hectic lives at work and at home. 

A room separate from the house keeps sticky fingers away from the furniture. It also gives you one room on the property where you’re safe from stepping on those little plastic building bricks!

For this type of den, you’ll need somewhere comfy to sit and something big to watch. A large wall-mounted Smart TV will save on space as well as give you lots of streaming options. All you need to complete the room is a soft sofa that soaks you in and a coffee table for your cuppa. 

Garden Bars Bring a Great Atmosphere

Garden bars are gaining popularity fast. Having a room dedicated to drinking your favourite drinks with your favourite people was always going to be a hit. Even a small garden room can be set up as a bar because all you need is seating and drinks.  The bar itself can be anything from a drinks trolley to a small replica of your favourite pub. Guests and a variety of bottles will create the perfect bar atmosphere!

Hobby Rooms Provide Great Escapism

Nothing creates escapism as pure as immersing yourself in your favourite hobby. Whatever it is that you like to do – whether it’s gaming, knitting or stamp collecting, tunnel vision for the task in hand is a great way to wind down. 

Hobbies are known to lift your mood and make you happier in general, which is why it’s so important to give them proper attention. Having a dedicated den is a good place to start. Life should be a mixture of work and play to help maintain balance and look after your mental well-being. If a garden room can give you a place to unwind then it’s exactly what the doctor ordered!

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