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How a Soundproof Garden Room Could Save Your Sanity

How a Soundproof Garden Room Could Save Your Sanity!

So, your child has decided to take up an instrument. Maybe the drums? Electric guitar? Something a little bit noisy that is lovely but is also causing a few issues inside the house? Yeah, we get that. You want them to have their hobbies and their dreams but listening to that practise every evening and weekend can really begin to affect the environment in the household as well as relationships with neighbours. This is precisely why a soundproof garden room could be the answer.

If you have the outdoor space required to home a new garden room why not invest and give yourself that peace of mind that your child can rehearse until their heart desires in a place that is fully set up and designed for this activity? These days a garden room is so much more than just a garden shed or summer house– it is an extension of your home. Each garden room is designed with you in mind, is fully insulated, has heating and electricity and is also soundproofed. A perfect setting for a music studio.

The Noise Problem

As sound travels through the air in waves, these waves cause the objects they come into contact with to vibrate. When a sound is loud enough, those vibrations travel through walls, floors and ceilings, transferring sound to surrounding areas and, of course, through to other’s homes. Most homes are not set up for noise and even in newer builds you can hear loud noises, bangs and raised voices through the walls. 

Sound and noise levels in your own home can also contribute to arguments within the family. We all need some quiet at some points in the day and the evening but if you have a child who desperately needs to practise their instrument, you may be stuck in a never-ending cycle of the same bangs or tunes. 

How a Soundproof Garden Room Could Save Your Sanity

The Solution

Yes, you could attempt to soundproof your own home but this may be tricky, pricey and may not fully work. Older homes may require further work once you begin to add soundproofing materials, your neighbours may not want you to start knocking around inside the walls and it isn’t going to stop you from hearing the music. A soundproof garden room that has been built from scratch with all of your needs and requirements in mind along with insulation, high quality double glazed doors and windows will be your ultimate solution.

How Does it Work?

Soundproofing can be achieved in several ways. One way is to block the noise by adding mass to a structure to an area that sound energy can be reflected from or converted into heat. The second is to de-couple one structure from another. Decoupling means mechanically separating the two sides of a wall to make it harder for sound to pass through therefore stopping the sound vibration from travelling through to the second structure. The third is sound absorption which is when sound is absorbed by a material such as Rockwool, helping to reduce the amount of sound that travels through the structure. Choosing which you go for will depend on what the company can actually offer you and what your needs are. Reducing the number of doors and windows you have in your new garden music studio will also help with the noise ‘leaking’ outside but with this may have to come the compromise of not having much natural light. You will also want to consider carrying out this soundproofing on the walls of your garden room as well as the floor and the ceiling in order to achieve optimum results.

Music Room

This dedicated soundproofed music room will allow your child to be as noisy as they need to be without disturbing anybody else. You will be able to utilise this all year round due to the insulation and heating, plus there will be enough room for friends or bandmates to come over to practise too. On top of all of this, you and your family will be able to kit the room out to fully suit your needs, you will have the space to hold all of the equipment they require and this will, in turn, free up space inside your own home. It’s a win-win!

If you’d like to discuss creating a soundproof garden room get in contact with us today!

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