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Soundproof Garden Rooms

Soundproof Garden Rooms and Some of Their Uses

Soundproof garden rooms have many uses. While they’re often associated with home recording studios, that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they’re good for. If you’re thinking about adding a multipurpose soundproof room to you garden (or even moving to a property that has one), there are plenty of ways you can use it to its full potential.

Soundproof Garden Rooms

Lots of hobbies rely on either needing to keep sound out, or not let any noise pollution escape. If you’ve ever lived near noisy neighbours, you’ll be familiar with how easily sound can travel. Even something simple like having guests over to watch the football can quickly turn into noise pollution for the neighbour who shares a wall.

This is one of the reasons soundproof garden structures have increased in popularity. As we’ve spent more time at home, we’ve become more mindful of our neighbours and the wider community. If you want to engage in a potentially noisy pastime, or would just prefer not to hear others around you, a soundproof garden room might be the answer.

Can you soundproof a garden room?

Soundproofing a garden room is possible, but it needs to be done with care. You can attempt to do it yourself, but you might be better off working with a professional for optimal results. If you’re having a garden room built and intend for it to be soundproofed, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your project manager. Certain cladding choices can sometimes aid the soundproofing effects.

Soundproof Garden Rooms

How does soundproofing work?

Materials designed to either reduce or absorb sound are usually packed into the walls of a structure. Beyond this, things like windows and doors need to be checked to ensure no unnecessary sound is escaping. 

Uses for a soundproof garden room

When soundproofing rooms in your home first became popular, the main driver was often music-related. It became synonymous with learning to play the drums, or having friends over for band practice. While the dominating reason for soundproofing is still mostly to do with music, other hobbies can benefit from it too.

If you’re building a garden dance studio, soundproofing is probably a good idea. Even if you’re not likely to be practicing tap or any other loud techniques, the soundtrack alone might disrupt the quiet. In fact, if you’ll be using the garden room for any form of exercise, soundproofing is advisable.

Soundproofing your garden room could also be a good move if you spend a lot of time entertaining in it. Whether it’s a gaming room or just somewhere for the teens to relax, when groups of people gather, the volume tends to reach a crescendo. Even if the plan is to use it for a few quite drinks when your friends come over, stories get told, laughter ensues, and the sound can spill over into a neighbour’s living space. 

In short, soundproofed garden rooms are great for many uses. They’re versatile enough to to be used for anything, but most hobbies will benefit from keeping sound contained.

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