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Soundproof Garden Rooms

Keep The Neighbours Happy With A Soundproofed Music Room

Do you have a child who is into playing loud music? Perhaps you have a keen drummer who is driving the neighbours mad? Or a trumpet player who practises at every spare moment? There is a really good solution that will keep yourself and your neighbours happy… A soundproofed music room.

A Modern Garden Room

By installing a modern garden room into your outdoor space, you can transfer your noisy family member to a room where they can dedicate their passion for their hobby without bothering the neighbours at all. With insulated walls, heating, electricity plus double glazing, this is far from your garden shed and is more like an extension of your home.

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure from a source. This will usually be achieved by using damping materials placed within the walls, roof and sometimes the floor that absorb the sound and prevent it from travelling outside of a building. 

Keep The Neighbours Happy With A Soundproofed Music Room

Soundproofing A Room

Fully soundproofing a garden room doesn’t tend to come as standard when you purchase a package so you will need to speak to the company to see if they can fulfil these requirements. Yes, insulation will dampen the sound to some extent but to fully block out the sound will take more. You need to think of soundproofing as being like waterproofing – you want to contain that sound within your music studio but to do so you need to fill every gap in order to prevent leaks. If there is a gap, this is a weakness where that sound can escape from. All weaknesses such as windows, doors and air vents need to be considered, and any air gaps need to be sealed.

Doors and Windows

The best way to completely soundproof a room would be to choose not to have windows but if you require that natural light, opting for triple glazing over double glazing will help immensely. You should also ensure that the work is done to a high standard and that there are no gaps around the finished windows. Garden rooms usually come with bi-fold doors, so again, if you can get these in triple glazing this would be best. The higher the mass of the door, the better the soundproofing so a heavy-duty fire door or a double door system would be the only way of fully soundproofing this area. However, the addition of vinyl to the door as well as heavy-duty curtains will also help.

How Furniture Can Help In A Soundproofed Music Room

Imagine standing in an empty room, now shout. How does that sound to you? It echoes, right? The sound bounces around and sounds louder. This is great for a musical activity such as singing but if you want to dampen the sound in order to protect those living around you, you can achieve this even further by adding furniture to the room. As soon as you begin to fill a room with tables, chairs, a sofa, cushions, rugs and curtains, the sounds that are created will become muffled by these additions. The sound can no longer move freely around the room and once it hits an item, it will be stopped in its tracks. By decorating and furnishing your music room you will be able to further add to your soundproofing.

So there we have it, a solution to your noisy problem in your home, a happy musician and happy neighbours.

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