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How to stave off boredom working from home

How to stave off boredom working from home

While working from home can have it’s benefits; a flexible schedule, low overheads and the joys of being your own boss – some can find it lonely and repetitive. While it is important to establish a routine and minimise distraction, the feeling of groundhog day can leave many feeling bored and unmotivated. Thankfully, there are ways that you can plan your day so as to avoid feeling this way, here are some tips on how to stave off boredom working from home.

Join networking groups and forums

While you should be strict with yourself to ensure the online aspect of these groups don’t become a distraction and a time waster, online interaction can provide much relief for those who work from home. The first thing most people mention they miss about working a regular job, is people. Local meetups with other local business people and freelancers can be a great way to get out and mingle, as can online networking and chat.

Use Skype

Following on from the boredom that comes from working in solitude, using Skype to communicate with clients can be an excellent way to bring some excitement to your day. Instead of emails back and forth, arrange a video call and discuss your points one on one. Skype is also incredibly useful for communicating throughout the day, and there is a feeling of real time about it that reminds you you are not alone.

Have proper breaks

Most people who work from home need to remind themselves to have proper breaks, as well as a proper lunch break. This is something that can really break up the day, and your tasks. The things you choose to do on your breaks can be anything from going for a walk or run, to doing a spot of gardening, popping in to see a neighbour or running an errand. The main thing that will help stave off boredom working from home is to get out for a bit, see someone, or do something unrelated to work, even for 10 minutes.

Reward yourself after completing tasks

Some days it can feel as if you are slogging away on your own with no end in sight. This can result in boredom and a lack of motivation, but by breaking up your tasks into manageable bites, you can really feel like you are getting somewhere. Set yourself daily goals, and give yourself rewards for completing them. For example – finish a report by 11am then go a relaxing walk with the dog, deal with all pending emails then call a friend for a quick chat, or get a major task done by 12 then allow yourself to open the parcel brought by the postman. The rewards can be anything that brings a bit of a break and fun to your day,and that also motivates you to keep going.
There are many ways to stave off boredom when working from home, with the common aim being to keep you focused, motivated, and content working at home throughout the day.

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