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Enjoy Your Staycation In Your Garden Room

With this year’s holiday situations being a little hit and miss many are choosing to staycation rather than vacation. This is a simple way of enjoying all that your area offers but by keeping all your own home comforts (as well as saving a bit of money too!)

But what if you could make your staycation a little more exciting by setting up your own little ‘holiday home’ or retreat in your own back garden? So that you can still get the feeling of being away but by having the choice of using what your home offers. Well, it can all be possible with a Modern Garden Room

Garden Room Holiday Home

A garden room can be anything you need it to be so if that includes a mini holiday home in your own back yard then this is completely doable. You will want to design the room as a hotel/luxury cabin using the main space for your bed, bedside tables, lamps etc and then adding a seating area. The best thing about doing this in your own home is that you can create an interior that you will love. On top of this, your garden room can also come built with smaller rooms to act as a bathroom, toilet or kitchen which will allow you to have all that you require in your garden holiday home meaning you won’t have to go home for too much at all!


If you want to staycation but want to keep your house in your plans for your sleeping arrangements why not have your garden room as a home spa instead? You could transform the inside to become a tranquil, inviting space where you can relax, pamper yourself, have beauty sessions within and so on. If you really wanted to splash out you could also install a hot tub on a decking area next to your garden room. These both work so well together as you can use the garden room for changing, for relaxation and for keeping warm after your hot tub soak.

spa in garden room staycation


When on holiday we all love to treat ourselves to a good restaurant but how can you recreate this on a staycation? Well, why not bring the restaurant to you?! Your garden room is the perfect location for a luxurious dining experience. You can enjoy your own personal restaurant with a stunning view of your garden and a short walk home. Add touches such as solar lights, fairy lights, a wine fridge or bar and a music system to help to create the atmosphere. You could even hire a waiter for the evening to give yourselves the night off.

Garden Room Retreat

If you would just like a place for you where you can sit and enjoy the peace quiet, where you can read a book, meditate or carry out your hobby then why not design your very own home retreat? Garden rooms are extremely quiet due to their double glazing and insulation which can make you feel as though you have escaped the rat race without actually going too far. Again, you can design your room to your tastes and needs, you can add all of your personal touches and really make this a space that you cannot wait to enter.

Staying at home for your holiday doesn’t mean that everything needs to stay the same, allow your garden room to give you that little bit of holiday time luxury and discover how good a staycation can actually be.

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