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Summer Garden Rooms: Enjoying Your Summer House in Every Season

Summer garden rooms give the impression that they’re for one season only. Traditionally, that used to be the case.  A summer house was so called because it was only really warm enough to use it in the summer. As the building of garden structures has become more advanced, these garden rooms have become a popular place to relax in all year round. 

Rather than considering them only as summer garden rooms, it’s time to consider their uses in every season. Summer garden rooms are wonderful beyond the summer and an easy way to effortlessly increase living space at your home.

Summer Garden Rooms – Use Them in Every Season

Now that garden buildings are usually insulated, heated and have a power supply, they can can be used any time at all! Day or night, summer or winter, they’re a fully functioning room in your garden that’s just as much a part of your home as your lounge. Usually your WiFi will reach your garden room too, meaning there’s nothing you can’t do in there!

This guide to summer garden rooms in every season will help you find new ways to enjoy your summer house in every season.

summer garden rooms

Spring – When The View is Divine

There is no finer time than spring in England. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the country wildlife are waking up from their winter slumber. Although the temperatures are beginning to rise, it’s still pretty nippy out and rain showers are plentiful.

Spring is a beautiful season to spend time relaxing in your garden room. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the blooms and visiting animals, without sitting in the rain! The heating and insulation make sure the room is pleasant temperature when the outside world isn’t quite there.

Summer – The Season Summer Garden Rooms Are Made For

Once summer comes around, open the doors of your garden room and let the sunshine in. It’s the perfect place to set up a table with buns, salads and drinks while the barbecue is heating up outside.

Enjoy sprawling summer days by sitting out under the warm sunset with your favourite people and your best tipple. A summer house makes it easy to enjoy the hot, sunny months when you’re at home.

Autumn – Stay Cosy While The Leaves Fall

Lower temperatures mean it time to crank up the heating and load up on hot drinks. Style your summer house with cosy blankets and plush cushions to keep you toasty. This is the season for ambient lighting, your favourite streaming service and shutting out the world while you view it’s beauty from somewhere warm.

Winter  – A Christmas Wonderland

If there are children in your life, why not prep your summer house for winter and create some Christmas vibes. Deck the room with classy decorations and twinkly fairy lights to add some magic. Invite the kids or grandkids to bring their own unique style to your Christmas tree. 

It’s so much fun that once you turn your garden room in into a grotto, you’ll wonder what you ever did before!

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