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Three Quick And Fabulous Ways To Get A Summer Garden

Three Quick And Fabulous Ways To Get A Summer Garden

Get summer garden ready! If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your garden this summer, you need to look no further.

If you haven’t given much thought to your garden recently, it’s time for a transformation – it would be a mistake to let the summer pass you by without investing in a few upgrades.

Here are four simple and quick upgrades you can do now to give you the ultimate summer garden.

1. Repair Damage Caused by Animals or Weather

Winter can be harsh on gardens and the wind can cause untold damage to fencing in particular. You will need to repair any loose fencing or fencing that has come loose from its posts. Make sure these fixed as soon as possible before they get worse.

Over the winter, heavy winds can rip off branches or rain can waterlog potted plants so check for obvious debris, flaking or cracked pots, and anything dangerous that needs to be removed.

Check your garden room to ensure that it is water tight; if it needs re-painting, now is the time to get stuck in while you can be guaranteed sunshine and quick drying times.

Even if you have lawn furniture and outdoor decor installed, animals like rabbits or squirrels can still damage your garden over time if they dig their way into it for shelter or food. Repair any holes or tunnels in the ground created by them before summer arrives. 

2. Re-do the Planting for Your Summer Garden and Beyond

Three Quick And Fabulous Ways To Get A Summer Garden

Dust, dead leaves, and dirt clog up your garden after a season’s worth of growth, so why not clear it all out and re-plant? This is a great way to clean up your garden after the last season and make way for the fresh start of a new season. You can also re-design and layout to incorporate new plants or ideas. 

Hire an experienced tree removal company to remove any dead trees you want to replace, then prepare the soil with compost and nutrients before planting your new summer garden flowers.

Before winter rolls around, you need to plant flowers and shrubs that are easy to maintain. Choose versatile flowers like gerbera daisies or dahlias that grow well in sunlight and shade. These flowers will look great for years without requiring too much maintenance from you. 

Other great plants include roses, poppies, violets, alyssum, lavender, and mints. These essential plants will help attract many butterflies and bees to your garden and look beautiful.

3. Clean Up, and Put in Pathways and Edging for a Smarter Look

If you have patios, decking or garden paths, then a pressure washer will bring them up like new!

If not then consider adding some; a well thought out design with pathways can make any garden look terrific. Brick edging is a good choice because it is aesthetic and prevents your garden from growing out of control. Make sure you don’t create a narrow path, as it can cause people to trip over or slip off the path into your plants and make sure you look up how to go about it properly if you’re not calling in the professionals.

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