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Small Garden summer house ideas

Ideas For Your New Summer House

Dreaming of a new summer house? Here are some summer house tips and ideas to get you started!

A garden summer house can bring so much joy to you and your family. It not only gives you and your family more space, but it can also provide you with a dedicated space; for a hobby, relaxation, entertaining or for just simply sitting and enjoying the warmth in the summer months.

With so many options for design, decor, theme and ornamental touches, it can be difficult to decide what look to go for.

Here are some summer house ideas we hope we can help point you in the right direction.

Garden summer house ideas


Most people will opt for their summer house to sit at the end of their garden so that it has a view back on the house. This usually works really well and will bring the home, garden and summer house together.

However, there are a couple of factors that may be overlooked which could throw a spanner in the works with this.

Garden summer house ideas - positioning

Before choosing your summer house’s final spot, take a look at this area during different times of the day. When does it get the most sun? When is it sitting in the shade (if ever)? Would this spot work for you if you wanted to use a decked area out the front for a hobby?

Perhaps a position to the side of the garden would work better for you. You want to get your little house in the best location for its use so take some time to mull this over and plan. 

Also, think about what coverage will be next to the house. Will it be a stone – to make the house look more brutal and serious, or will it be a beautiful well-groomed lawn, which is constantly mowed and various lawn weed killers are used to make the house more comfortable and nice.


To brighten up your brand new garden feature, why not paint it a gorgeous summer colour, such as dusky pink or sea blue?

You could really have some fun with this and make your summer house a fantastic focal point. Some of the classic ideas to think about are beach hut styles; maybe stripes, blues, reds and whites.

Beach huts - decor idea for your summerhouse
Take some inspiration from the seaside!

Or how about a country cottage feel with a cool calming shade of green? Or go all out and pick a showcase colour like bright purple. You can let your personal tastes run wild on this!


Your furniture for the interior can be just as bright and fun as the exterior, it’s just a case of working with what you can find.

To achieve a more individual look, why not shop around at furniture markets, in charity shops, on pre-loved selling sites and at reclamation yards which are brilliant places for summer house ideas and inspiration.

With a bit of TLC, you could be sprucing up an item that was once cast away and give it a new lease of life for you and your new project.

Interior Finishing Touches

Give it the wow factor!

If you have gone for the beach hut look with your exterior, carry this on inside by decorating the walls with nautical items, canvas prints, striped cushions and curtains, bunting and sea-themed shades of colour.

A seaside nautical theme for your summerhouse

If you want to make more of a statement, why not create a tropical paradise with bold colours, flamingo prints, festival styled ornaments and big eye-catching leaf designs on the furnishings.

Or perhaps a country cottage theme with pastel greens, polka dots, teapots and wicker baskets? You could really have some fun creating some of these ideas.

Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors may not be the first item that comes to mind when think about summer house ideas, but they can actually work wonders.

By adding a well-placed mirror or mirrors, you can create the illusion of more light and space for your new garden room. It could completely transform the feel and really open it up.

Plus, if you are clever with your positioning, you may even be able to get your reflections just right, meaning that you will be able to sit and view your favourite part of your garden from a completely different angle!

Dining Area

A summer house with decking can be the perfect spot for summer evening dining with friends.

Fill your space with a good sized table, pretty lighting, colourful bunting, a wood burner and gorgeous cushions, perfect for those intimate dinner parties.


a botanical theme for your summer house

To make your new space flow from home to garden to summer house, think about bringing some of the outside in, with plants, flowers, pots and even water features.

If your garden has a theme to its planting, why not use some of these to decorate your decking area and then spill some of this into your interior?

If you aren’t big on looking after real plants, you could purchase some artificial ones to create a similar look and feel.


To make your summer house really look like a house, think about adding some bespoke shutters to the windows.

These will not only look beautiful and quaint, they will also provide shade, will help to keep the house cool and give you privacy, which is especially important for security at night.

We hope you can draw from some of our ideas and put them to good use in your own summer house.

With a bit of love, flair and imagination, you could have the hideaway of your dreams.

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