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beach hut style summer house

Summer House Interior Ideas

Your summer house needs to be a space that makes you want to retreat to. A place that has your own stamp on it and one that makes you feel relaxed, calm and happy. How you achieve this will be down to your own personal taste and you will most probably have a few of your own decor preferences but to give you a helping hand we’d like to inject some fun and somewhat unique inspiration into your summer house interior ideas.

5 Fantastic Summer House Interior Ideas We Love

Here are some ideas for the interior decor of your summer house which look just fantastic!

Country Cottage

When it comes to creating a country cottage paradise you need to first decide on your colour palette. Pale tones of greens, yellows, pinks, all initially spring to mind but never underestimate the power of using cream too. Use your main colours on your soft furnishings and then inject the warm creams by adding large vases, homely photo frames, a thick pile rug and oversized table lamps. The idea is to make your summer house feel airy, cosy and tranquil all at the same time.

Country cottage - summer house interior ideas

Of course, to really complete this summer house interior idea, you’ll need to include some beautiful fresh cut flowers, green plants such as ferns and Lavender in the window boxes.

Beach Hut

To create a stunning beach hut interior you are going to need stripes, bright colours and nautical decor– it’s just gotta be done, hasn’t it?! This is one of those summer house interior ideas that you can really have some fun with. How about painting the wood panels in red, white and blue? Or even the floor?! Now, that would make a statement that’s for sure.

summer house interior ideas

Placing a mixture of printed scatter cushions across a futon would make it feel comfy and homely whilst sticking to your theme. We love the idea of collecting particular items from the beach and using those in your summer house interior decor. How about some driftwood nailed together to make a frame?

A collection of shells arranged and glued in a box frame would make a pretty yet quirky piece for your wall. Another fun crafty idea is to collect stones and shells, place these in a large fishbowl along with brightly coloured nautical ornaments of your choice. Your finishing touches could include lanterns to be lit in the evenings and fairy lights.

Vintage Chic

This theme could easily be achieved by shopping around for shabby chic furniture but why not have a go at upcycling yourself? Check if anyone you know has some old wooden furniture they don’t need anymore or check your local charity shops for some pieces.

You can purchase chalk paint that will simply go straight over the top of varnished items or other paint and the coverage is brilliant. The colour scheme can be chosen completely to your taste and if you want to add that vintage edge just take a piece of sandpaper and gently brush away at the corners to achieve that worn look.

As for furnishings, creams, whites and pastel shades work well for this vintage look. Large vases or jugs, lace table cloths, wooden shelving and cutesy cushions will all look stunning in your vintage summer house.


When it comes to summer house interior ideas this one is extremely unique but what could be better than reading your book in a mini-library?! We love this concept and can just imagine the walls being covered in bookcases and lined with books, a large leather chair, desk, reading light and a corner of large cushions to lay back on and relax.

A library - summer house interior ideas

For a really quirky decor look why not paint your window boxes like books? It would certainly be a conversation starter.

Woodland Cabin

This has to be one of our favourite summer house interior ideas because it allows your building to stick to the natural look and will really enhance any garden that is covered in trees, plants and flowers. For the colour scheme, reds, greens, orange and whites will work beautifully.

Think red polka dot curtains, a large green rug, wooden seating and coffee table. If you love woodland creatures you could add ornaments, wooden statues and bird boxes to really make this theme stand out. Don’t forget wildflowers in pots or window boxes as well as placing hanging baskets just outside the door. It should look elegant and cute all at the same time.

Those are just five summer house interior ideas but there are probably so many more that would release your inner designer.

Do you have any more to add to our list?

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