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Summer House Designs – Which Kind Of Garden Building Do You Prefer?

There are tonnes of summer house designs out there, so once you’ve decided to invest in a summer house, it’s important to choose which sort you’ll go for. Depending on the space that’s available, there are lots of possibilities. Think about your needs, and your vision for your summer house to help guide your decision.

With so many designs available, there’s something out there for everyone. Whether you want a space-saving room for enjoying afternoon tea, or a large studio to workout in one of the options below will speak to you and it’ll be easy to choose your summer house.

The most popular summer house designs

All sorts of weird and wonderful summer house designs are available, but there are a few styles that remain popular over the years. Below are some of the most popular summer house designs, that get built over and over again!

Canopy garden room

A canopy garden room is a contemporary design that gets ordered over and over again. It’s a versatile modern garden room that can be used for almost anything. The canopy style garden room is usually an insulated room with built-in heating and power supply. Generally they have a small canopy over a patio door style front with other uPVC windows fitted for extra light. 

One of the main reasons people go for this type of garden room is that it doesn’t limit them to one season or one use. What was used as an office can be converted into a sitting room or a gym once it’s no longer needed.

Summer House Designs: Canopy Room taken from floor level, featuring sliding patio doors and a decking with a rope barrier.

Traditional wooden cabin 

A traditional summer house with a wooden cabin design is a popular older-style of summer house. You might have grown up with one of these quaint little building at the bottom of your garden, but it probably wasn’t heated and almost certainly didn’t have double-glazing! This style of summer house is still available as a budget option, which would need painting and assembling yourself.

A modern twist on the traditional design of summer house is a cube gallery-style room, which has the wooden effect on the outside and still lets lots of light in with large windows, but also offers insulation and power supply which means the room can be used all year round.

Corner summer houses

This type of summer house is often chosen for space-saving reasons. If you’ve got a small garden but would love a garden room to relax in, a corner summer house or a small summer house are a fantastic solution. 

A corner summer house will usually utilise a corner of your garden and is likely to be built in an irregular pentagon shape to make the most of your space. The shape of this style of interior might limit your furniture choices and a sofa might seem too cumbersome. Instead, look for space-saving comfy chairs and corner tables to slot in small spaces instead of one large coffee table.

If the irregular shape isn’t quite what you had in mind, building a small cube summer house might be a better option – depending on your needs. Think about what you’ll use the summer house for and how much you’ll use it before making any decisions.

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