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Can I Still Work In My Garden Office In The Winter

Heating Your Summerhouse For Use All Year Round

Quite often, people mistake a summerhouse only being fit for purpose during the summer but these days, things are very, very different. Summerhouses are now built to almost the same standard as your home, they can be equipped with all the latest mod cons and they are fully insulated in order to prevent the cold from coming in and the heat escaping. So what are your summerhouse heating options and how will they work? 

Summerhouse Heating

Electric Heating

This is one of the most popular options for summerhouses because it does not require any changes to the garden building itself.

Electric radiators are wall-mounted radiators which look a little like a traditional radiator but work using electricity rather than central heating. You will find that a heater of this kind will most probably come as standard with your summerhouse.

Electric oil-filled radiators are often recommended for quick and affordable heating. They heat up the oil inside of them which then serves as a heat retainer. These are usually found as free-standing units so you can move them around as and when you need them but they will take up space.

Electric convection heaters are also a popular option for heating your summerhouse. They will heat up the air very quickly and work effectively in smaller spaces. 

Fan heaters are quick at their job and will heat the air nicely which will mean you won’t have to wait to use your summerhouse in the colder weather.

Electrical fireplaces combines the easy and safe handling of electrical heating with having the extra bonus of a stunning fireplace that will look like a real one.

Underfloor Heating This is a modern and popular way of heating rooms in your home such as your kitchen, but with the right type of flooring and electrical connection, your summerhouse will be warm and toasty during the winter with this choice of heating.


You can achieve gas heating in two ways. One is to have a portable gas canister which could be used to fuel a heater or you may have the funds to link your gas pipes up from your home to your summerhouse in order to provide central heating in here too. This would need to be fully investigated, installed and safety checked by a fully-certified gas supplier.

summerhouse heating options for your yoga studio


A log burner may look pretty and give your summerhouse that charm, but you will need to do your research before installing this type of heating. You will need to ensure that planning permission allows you to use a heater that produces smoke, you will need to check the size of the flue is correct for this heating option, that there will not be smoke going towards a neighbours home and that all safety aspects are taken into account, for example, a carbon monoxide alarm, fire safety tools and so on. 

Oil Burners are considered to be more outdated these days but if your home already runs off of this type of heating you may be able to extend this out to your summerhouse.


Solar panels on the roof of your summerhouse will not only help the environment, but they will also help you to heat your building. Transferring this energy into electricity will allow you to use this in your building and if you choose to add more to your home, you will be able to utilise this further. This will also eventually help you out financially.

Other areas to consider include ensuring that the summerhouse company who construct your build fully insulate the walls, flooring and ceiling, that you choose high quality double or triple glazed doors and windows as well as good quality materials. If you can achieve all of this and find a heating system that will work effectively for you, you will have a cosy, warm summerhouse that can be used all year round.

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