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Can A Garden Room Become A Swimming Pool Room?

Garden rooms can have many functions and as long as you chat with a company about your needs, your design ideas and check all the boxes, there is no reason that you cannot have a garden room as a swimming pool room or even a spa room or shower room.

A Swimming Pool Room

Your swimming pool can go inside a garden room, but you will first need to check size requirements, the designs available in both garden room style and pool style, and check that your garden is viable for this project. As garden rooms are restricted to 30 square metres, you will have a slightly smaller pool than if you installed one outside but this will still provide you with a good-sized pool for yourself and the family to enjoy.

Another factor you will need to take on board will be whether your garden pool room can accommodate a sunken pool. This is a much larger project and will be something you would need to discuss with both your pool supplier ad contractors and garden room company. It would also be advisable to seek advice from your local council to understand if there are any planning permission requirements. A raised pool will sit on top of the garden room’s flooring and foundations making it a more straightforward process. Either one will still provide you with the same swim experience but it will depend on how you personally want the final look.

swimming pool room


For a garden room to accommodate a swimming pool, you will need to install waterproof flooring and use appropriate materials during the build to ensure they can withstand the wet environment. Again, all of this will be fully discussed between yourself and your chosen company during the design stage of your garden room project.

Other aspects to consider will be a sloping floor for water drainage, underfloor water supplies, drains and sealants.

Changing Area

Your pool won’t want to take up the entire space within the garden room as you will require space to move around, possibly a seating area and a changing area which could also include a shower. It is important to think about every need that has to be met for before, during and after your swim so taking the time to plan in detail is vital.

Little Additions

It can also be possible to go for the full spa treatment and add a sauna or steam room into the mix. This would give you your own little luxury spa from the comfort of your own home. Choosing a smaller pool may be a compromise here, but it’ll all be worth it to gain these little additions.

Outdoor Pool

If you choose to have an outdoor pool or if you already own one, a garden room makes the ideal place to warm up, get changed in, chill in, watch the children from, to serve up drinks and snacks from and so on. The garden room can be whatever you need it to be and it can easily be installed with a shower room, a kitchen, a changing room and a toilet. Having this right next to your pool will mean that nobody will have to return to the house, no wet or muddy feet will be traipsing through it and you can keep an eye on everyone for safety purposes.

So, you see, there are plenty of choices, some ideas to mull over and a lot to get very excited about. If you think a swimming pool room is for you why not get the ball rolling for this summer?

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